large blocks of frozen meat

Do you work that involves cutting a lot of meat? Do you own a restaurant and would like to perfectly slice your meats? Whatever the size of your company, there will always be perfect machines that will definitely help you with that and cut down on your working time.

Meat Flaker Machine for Handing Frozen Raw Meat

Introducing our frozen meat flaker that can cut the frozen meat into small pieces directly. It prevents nutrient loss like water as well as protein loss without thawing. This frozen meat flaker is made up of high-quality stainless steel and also has a delightful appearance. It is indeed simple to disassemble and clean. This machine is used for non-bone frozen meat without thawing, which ended up saving more time and labor while expanding production efficiency. It is a pre-processing phase for a cutting and mixing machine as well as the meat grinding process.

frozen meat block flaking

It can shred frozen blocks of food into smaller, more uniform, and processable pieces, as well as create elongated pieces of product with a specific cross-sectional size and length.

These frozen blocks flaking machine was designed for flaking frozen blocks of meat, fish, or chicken, as well as frozen blocks of juice, butter, margarine, and perhaps other blocks that arrived directly from cool storage with no prior thawing. There is also a mechanism for hydraulically providing blocks with strengthened guide rails on linear bearings.

frozen block meat flaker

Why Prefer Frozen Meat Flaker? 

This frozen meat flaker is an essential part of the meat processing step. It can be used to crush frozen meat such as pork, fish, as well as chicken breast for further processing by a meat grinder. It is commonly used in meat processing manufacturing facilities to process sausage, burgers, meat cans, as well as hot dogs.


Meat Dicing Machine for Frozen Meat Handling

This meat dicing machine can dice frozen meat, fresh meat, cooked meat, as well as bone-in poultry products.  For several meat processing plants, this machine is the recommended equipment for cutting meat into cubes, shreds, slices, as well as strips.

frozen meat dicer

The meat dicing machine is primarily used in fresh meat cutting, quick-frozen meat processing.  It can cut pork, beef, duck, chicken, as well as root vegetables into cubes. It is made from high-quality stainless steel.  It is designed and manufactured using cutting-edge machinery and a sound structure. The machine can achieve the goal of cutting meat into “dice,” “julienne,” and “slice” with a regular and neat appearance while operating at a high working efficiency.

Why Do You Need a Frozen Meat Dicing Machine? 

A meat grinder is required to crush the meat when making sausage filling, dumpling filling, or patty filling. However, the frozen meat block is too large for the meat grinder to cut, and the meat grinder’s service life will also be reduced if material fed is of large size. The Frozen Meat Cutter is meant to address the uncertainties. The frozen meat that has been pre-processed by a frozen meat cutter is easily crushed.

frozen block meat dicing machine

Main Benefits of Meat Dicing Machine

◆ The meat dicer machine has a compact structure and enhances health design.
◆ The chassis and cutting knife gate are made of stainless steel.
◆ The cutter uses a double blade cutting system for peak effectiveness.
◆ Cut the diced standards, with the specific size being customizable.
◆ Adjust the thickness cutting knobs, as well as push the rod for stepless speed regulation to meet a wide variety of meat cutting thicknesses.
◆ Use a preloading design to guarantee uniform diced meat cubes during the cutting process.
◆ Using a single blade, produce a meat push rod for stepping movement while cutting, having appropriate cutting size.
◆ The machine can adapt a room temperature meat normal cutting, and it is required meat processing equipment.

Frozen meat block cutting machine