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Frozen Meat Blocks

Primary products, such as seafood, meat, are maintained under long periods of frozen storage because of the need for high meet quality. Frozen meat products mainly include frozen poultry, beef, lamb, fish, pork, chicken etc.
Freezing of meat:
◆ is an excellent way to preserve all meat products;
◆ retards microorganisms growth;
◆slows down meat rotting;
The storage conditions of frozen meat will directly determines their ultimate quality.
However, frozen storage condition is not the only parameter that will affect the meat’s quality. The safety and quality of the final meat products also depends on how they are handled before, during and after freezing. In a word, it does matters to carefully handle frozen meat blocks.

frozen meat handling

How to Handle Large Frozen Meat Blocks Carefully and Correctly?

It is recommended by Kingston Machinery that never leave your meat products at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Therefore it is important to thaw the frozen meat blocks timely and carefully.
On the one hand, meat are very susceptible to the growth of microorganisms, it is better to use industrial meat equipment to handle frozen meat blocks.
On the other hand, delays on meat deforesting will prolong the schedule for the cooking period. Efficient frozen meat machines should be used, especially for medium- to large-scale producers. Boneless frozen meat blocks are usually cut into flakes, cubes or slices by commercial use meat machines.
There are several methods to cut chunks of hard and frozen meat. We can conclude the fast frozen meat handling methods as below:

meat flakes

Commercial Frozen Meat Flaking

Flaking frozen meat may sound difficult, but it can be done easily with the use of experienced frozen meat flaker. Meat particles can be directly chopped in flakes without previous thawing. It avoids drip losses which would happen during thawing.

frozen meat flaker

Frozen meat flaker with strong construction for cutting out flakes from frozen meat blocks.


Industrial Frozen Meat Dicing

For large operations, frozen meat blocks can be cut in uniform cubes by frozen meat dicing machine. The particle size of frozen meat are reduced into 5-40mm meat cubes before cooking for further processing.
Frozen meat dicing machine is a food machinery and equipment for dicing and slicing various frozen meat. It provides convenience to people’s frozen meat cutting work and saves a lot of time.

frozen meat dicing machine
The frozen meat dicing machine can be diced, shredded, sliced, and block with high working efficiency. It is the equipment needed by food processing enterprises. The dicing machine can cut fresh meat, frozen meat, vegetables, and the cutting part of the dicing machine can be easily disassembled, which is convenient for cleaning the residue in the gap of the machine. It can cut slightly frozen pork, beef, lamb, and other meat products and various vegetables.


Large Scale Frozen Meat Blocks Slicing

Slicing is not an easy process to deal with large frozen meat blocks.
Because the restaurant uses a large amount of meat, cutting meat is a very difficult problem. The frozen meat slicer saves the restaurant staff’s effort to a certain extent and improves efficiency. The industrial slicing of frozen meat avoids bacterial growth and discoloration. Hard and Frozen meat are power sliced, thus insuring beef or pork of uniform thickness for cooking. The frozen meat slicer can directly slice the frozen meat into a slice with adjustable thickness. There is no need for thawing, avoiding the loss of nutrients such as moisture and protein. The freshness of the meat is maintained.

frozen meat slicer
Frozen meat slicer is a meat cutting machine commonly used in food processing plants. It can be sliced directly when frozen meat does not need to be unfreezed. Since the frozen meat slicer can cut meat of various thicknesses and specifications, it is in use Be sure to learn the correct method of operation first.