popularity of vacuum tumbler

The vacuum tumbler is used in meat processing plants to marinate beef, chicken, pork, seafood and other meat products. It is a kind of physical-mechanical treatment method in combination of both marination and tumbling, to improve the sensory quality and loosen the muscle structure of the meat.
Pork chops or chicken in the vacuum bowl will completely absorb the flavors and condiments. After tumbling, the meat will be more delicious and tastes better.


So do you know why the vacuum tumbler is more and more popular with consumers?

The meat vacuum tumbler has the function of frequency conversion technology.
◆More convenient
◆More energy-efficient
◆It is made of stainless steel
◆Compact structure
◆Low noise
◆High reliability
◆It can achieve independent classification
◆Adopting PLC
◆Soft start
◆Touch screen monitor
◆Being able to store about 100 kinds of formulas
The two ends of the roller adopt a rotary cover sealing structure, which increases the fracture space in the drum. The reasonable and advanced design make the meat tumbler machine have a uniform tumbling marination effect. Vacuum tumbler plays an important role in food processing and is mainly used in food processing laboratories, food engineering research institutes, school canteens and catering industry.

vacuum tumbling process

Advantage of Vacuum Tumbler

1.Reduce labor costs: the continuous mechanical tumbling reduces the pre-treatment and processing time greatly. It only takes 10 minutes to marinate your meat products.
2.Improve meat eating quality: The tumbling process can make the marinade penetrate evenly and extract the protein to the surface of the meat, making the meat more juicy, tender and fragrant. The tumbling also makes it easier to cut thinly sliced meat and maintain the texture and appearance of intact muscle.
3.Reduce supply cost: Commercial marinade solutions (a complex solution of water, flavorings, salt and other ingredients) is totally absorbed by the meat during continuous tumbling process. No residue left.
4. Production control: The vacuum tumbler is equipped with a timer and is set to control the speed and tumbling times.