With the improvement of people’s living standard, pork consumption has been continuously increasing, especially in developing countries. According to FAO projections, the pork consumption will reach 37 kg around the year 2030. As one source of animal protein, pork is the most common livestock product all around the world. Pork is either consumed as a component of kitchen-style food preparations or as processed meat products like bacon and sausage. Here, we will introduce the main pork processing technology that can make processed pork products globally gaining ground in popularity and consumption volume.

pork consumption

Pork processing technology plays a prominent role in increasing product volume and preserving meat for longer without any spoilage. Moreover, it can create different types of product composition that maximizes the use of edible pork and are tasty, attractive and nourishing.

Therefore, the greater and diversified demand for pork output can be easily met by intensive and professional pork processing technology and related pork processing machines. Different from fresh pork, the value-added pig meat products display specific flavor, taste, color or texture components, providing the diversity to the meat food sector by offering the nutritious food with excellent taste.
smoked bacon

Main Aspects of Pork Processing Technology

Pork processing technology comprises the steps and procedures in the production of processed pig meat products. In pork-product production, the main pork processing technologies involves slaughtering, cutting, comminuting, mixing and other further processing, such as filling into casings and smoking process when making sausage, vacuum packaging and so on.
◆ Chopping /comminuting for size reduction
◆ Mixing for better emulsification or curing
◆ Stuffing & filling into casings/containers
◆ Fermentation and drying
◆ Smoking
◆ Packaging

commercial sausage making process

Equipment Used in Pork Processing Production

The main pork processing equipment required to produce the most commonly known pork products are listed and briefly described hereunder.
Meat Grinder/Chopper
Meat grinder, also called meat chopper is always used to crush large chunks of raw pork into minced meat. With this meat grinder, pork would be compressed by the rotating feeding auger, pushed through the grinding system and extrudes through the holes in the grinding plates after being crushed. The degree of chopping is determined by the size of the holes in the grinding plate while the perforations of the grinding plates can be customized according to customers’ requirements.
Meat Mixer
Meat mixer is used to blend the right seasonings and cures into the grinded pork. Simply add the seasonings, meat and water into the meat mixing machine, streamlining pork processing production.

sausage drying oven

Filling Machine/Sausage Stuffer
Sausage stuffer is a kind of filling machine used for filling a variety of pig meat batter into containers such as casings, glass jars, cans and so on. During the filling process, a substantial part of the enclosed air would be removed from the product, which helps to improve color and texture of the finished sausage.
◆  Meat Smoking Machine
The meat smoker is multi-functional meat processing equipment, integrating several functions together: fermentation, drying, smoking and cleaning, etc. It is mainly used to add delicious smoky flavor to meats.
◆  Packager
This machine is designed for fully automatic packaging of the finished products, which can greatly preserve the products and guarantee the quality for a long time.