Food frying machine is available for frying a variety of food, such as frying peanuts, potato chips, patty, french fries, onions, chicken meats, pellet snacks and so on. As the leading professional industrial frying equipment manufacturer in China, our company has lots of experience and rich knowledge on food frying machine, therefore, we can provide the customized commercial food fryer equipment on the basis of customers’ requirements.

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Features of Commercial Food Fryer

◆ Kingston food frying machine is net-belt frying equipment, made of high quality stainless steel, which satisfies the requirement of food hygiene and healthy standard.
◆ This automatic food fryer has the advantages of fast heating and high frying efficiency. It makes oil temperature increase very quickly, saving oil and frying time. Without smoke, the food frying machine can keep oil clean and produce good quality frying food in the frying process, which is quite environmental protection.
◆ The Potato chips frying machine is equipped with frying baskets so as to hold the food during frying process. After frying process finished, it is easy for operators to hoist the baskets, saving the working time and lowering the labor cost. Besides, fried food can keep clean and fresh in the frying baskets. it is also widely used in banana chips production line.
◆ Equipped with conveyor, the industrial food frying machine can realize the continuous work with automatically feeding and discharging.
◆ The belt operation can be adjusted according to the speed regulating motor. Moreover, the speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted after the chain and the chain gears and the gear transmission. By the way, different food products need various frying time.
◆ The intelligent digital thermometer can automatically control the oil temperature, and the food fryer can use electricity, gas, and diesel as power source.

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Applications of Automatic Potato Chips Frying Machine

In virtue of the unique taste and flavor, deep fat fried foods have become more and more popular food, especially among the young. In order to obtain a product with a low fat content and minimize the oil migration into frying food, it is essential to choose the professional food frying machine for better frying process. For now, our food frying machine has been widely applied for frying many kinds of food with relatively large capacity, such as meat, seafood, aquatic, vegetables, poultry, wheat food and so forth.

In a potato chips production line, a fryer machine is a must-have equipment for the industrial processing of potato chips. It is usually used in combination with other food machines such as potato sticks cutting machine, potato washing machine and so on.


Technical Data on Kingston Food Fryer

Model: YZ-500
Voltage: 380v/220v
Power: 9kw
Temperature: max 180
Output: 5-10kg/time
Dimensions: 880*620*930mm
Weight: 60kg