Brief Introduction on Kingston Commercial Watermelon Seeds Extractor

Available: remove watermelon skin and seeds, extract juice

Structure: feeding hopper, crusher, separator, seeds collector, juice collector, skin collector, transmission system, frame, etc

watermelon juice machine

The watermelon seed extract machine extracts seeds from watermelons, winter melon, muskmelon, gourds, as well as other melons. Consequently, you can obtain relatively clean seeds. It is operated by a large tractor with a PTO and therefore can perform various operations all at once, including crushing, squeezing, separating, as well as clearing.
Furthermore, this pumpkin seed extractor is appropriate for a wide range of melon sizes. Its power comes from the wheeled tractor power output shaft mode, which also has high dynamic flexibility and seems to be hugely helpful in flat areas. The juice making machine is easy to use and maintain, safe as well as reliable in operation, and gives sufficient performance. It is an excellent seed extractor machine.

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watermelon seeds extractor

The Benefits of Using a Watermelon Seed Extractor 

Harvesting a seed machine is highly efficient as well as minimal effort, and it can operate at high speed in the field, and save energy and time, and this is a beneficial attribute for farmers to extract seeds. The seeds extracted by it are clean, only with a trace of melon pulp, so you won’t have to spend much time cleaning them.
◆ After harvesting, seeds can stay unchanged.
◆ The rate of breakage is less than 5%.
◆ Crushed watermelon rind can be returned to the field, attaching to the soil’s nutrition.
All the seeds in a watermelon or pumpkin can be extracted completely.
◆ The watermelon or pumpkin harvester’s frame is made from high-quality steel that is both sturdy and long-lasting.
◆ To guarantee reliability the crushing, separating, as well as cleaning devices are all marked and welded with special molds. The watermelon pumpkin seed extract utilizes a unique suspension method as well as a spiral cylinder, making it very easy to remove plants like melons and weeds whilst also saving time and enhancing work efficiency.

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industrial spiral juicer machine

industrial spiral juicer machine

Working Process of the High Efficiency Watermelon Juice Making Machine

First crushing watermelon, then go to separator, seeds, pulp and skin will be separated, seeds and pulp will come out from the holes to barrel, skin come out from hopper, there are high speed rotating vanes in the barrel, they will press the pulp to juice, juice come out from the barrel holes, so finally the seeds, skin and juice will be separated very clean and pure.

watermelon seeds extraction

Application After Seed Extraction

The seeds acquired from the watermelon and pumpkin harvester machine can then be used to make edible seeds, plant watermelon as well as pumpkin again, and also health and cosmetic products. See more details on fruit processing machine here.

Model XZJ-1 XZJ-5
Capacity 0.5-1T/H 3-5T/H
Power 2.2KW 4.0KW
Dimensions 1900×670×1695mm 2500×1000×1800mm

Material: SUS304