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Macadamia nut cracking machine

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It is with high shelling efficiency, and low breakage rate. Kingston macadamia sheller is applicable for breaking the shell and take out seeds. also named with macadamia seed thresher, besiding this seed thresher, also have shell separator/cracked nuts linear vibrating screens/4 layer linear vibrating screen, macadamia shell cutting machine, as well as complete macadamia processing line/macadamia line shelling machine/kernel cracker, all-in -one cracker and separator

Cashew Kernel Peeling Machine

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It is an automatic cashew peeling machine with high performance & low breakage rate. Widely used for medium to large scale cashew nut kernel peeling. It can precisely peel off the skin cost. also have raw cashew grader, cashew cooker, cashew cracker, cashew separator, cashew kernel sheller/kernel peeler/kernel skinner, kernel grader, vacuum packaging, etc