GFG-300 Boiling Dryer/wet particles dryer/powder dryer/Boiler dryer sterilizer


1.GFG type high efficiency boiling dryer is a new high efficiency drying equipment developed for GMP pharmaceutical engineering.  It can be used with swing granulator or high efficiency wet mixing granulator. It has a wider fluidization range than the traditional horizontal XF type ebullition bed.

  1. The equipment is composed of air filter, heater, main engine, skip car, ash cleaning room, connecting air duct, fan, muffler, etc.
  2. (1) Widely used in medicine, chemical industry, food, feed and other fields, used for drying wet particles and powder materials.

(2). Screw extrusion particles, swing particles, high speed mixing granulation particles;

(3). Granular materials with large particles, small pieces and viscous blocks;

(4) shoch, direction to acrylamide and other drying materials with volume change;

  1. Air filter is composed of primary, middle and high efficiency filter.  The heater is made of carbon steel tube wrapped with aluminum fin, which has rapid heat transfer, no rust and long service life.  Host machine adopts unique spherical stirring mechanism, its transmission balance, no accumulation of materials.  The muffler can reduce the noise of the fan and improve the working environment effectively



  1. Fluidized bed is circular structure to avoid dead Angle.
  2. The hopper is set with stirring to avoid the agglomeration of wet materials and the formation of groove flow when drying.
  3. The use of turn ares unloading, convenient, rapid and thorough, can also be designed according to the requirements of the automatic material system.
  4. Sealed negative pressure operation, airflow is filtered.  Easy to operate, easy to clean, is in line with the “GMP” requirements of the ideal equipment.
  5. The drying speed is fast and the temperature is well balanced. The drying time of each batch is generally 20-30 minutes.


Specifications of sterilizing dryer:

1, drying bed feeding capacity: 150-300 kg (depending on the material)

2, electric heating power: 84KW, quantity: 1 set

3, induced draft fan: 1 set, 30KW

  1. Stirring motor: 1 set, 2.2KW/set

5, stirring speed: 11r/min

  1. Material name: Oatmeal

7, air inlet temperature: 90-140℃ adjustable


Parameters of sterilizer dryer:

1, air filter, quantity: 1

Filter shell material: stainless steel;  Primary effect filter cloth material: non-woven fabric

2, induced draft fan, quantity: 1

Model: 9-19-6.3A Rotational speed: 2900rpm

Air volume: 5690-6978m3/h Full pressure: 8857-8148Pa

Power: Y200L1-2-30 kw

Material: carbon steel spray paint

Accessories: 1 air regulating valve

3, electric heater, Quantity: 1 set

Heating power: 84KW

Material: stainless steel heating tube, stainless steel shell

  1. Gfg-300 high efficiency boiling dryer, Quantity: 1 set

Model: GFG – 300

Hopper volume: 1000L

Stirring motor power: 2.2KW

Material: 304 stainless steel;

Accessories: 2 jacking cylinders

5, built-in cloth bag, quantity: 1 set

Bag material: 500g antistatic polyester

Accessories: 1 set of 304 cloth bag hanger,

Bag shaking cylinder 1

  1. Air duct pipe

Material: stainless steel

Diameter: 320 mm

7, electrical instrument and automatic control part: arbitrary setting from the initial control of air inlet temperature, air inlet temperature digital display, and automatic temperature control, overtemperature alarm;  Electric button switch control;  Electrical appliances are famous brand