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I bought two sets of meat grinder for my shop last year. They are super efficient for large bunk of pork grinding and further processing. The grinder machine cut my work time way down and made grinding so much easier. It is a perfect machine for all meat processors as they worked flawlessly. Highly recommend!

customer reviewDave

Amazingly powerful nut slicing machine! It is a well-designed nut equipment, and able to slice the almonds in seconds. It is user-friendly because the instructions for this machine are very simple: put almonds in the hopper, turn it on. The finished products are with uniform thickness.

customer review of nut machineKellen

I have been searching for a cheap plantain chips cutter machine. Price is one of the main factors that will determine my final choice. Kingston sales person sent me a good quotation, at less affordable for me. After receiving this I found the cutter just gorgeous. It is sharp, easy to clean and powerful enough for uniform cutting. Just buy it!

customer review of plantain slicerAdam

Vietnam macadamia cutting machine

Macadamia nut production in Kenya is proving to be extremely profitable for low-income farmers because of its high demand and high returns. In the article, Kingston Machinery details the macadamia nut market in Kenya. Kingston Machinery also can providing macadamia machines, such as macadamia peeling machine or macadamia green husk peeling, macadamia nut cracking machine, macadamia shell separator, macadamia cutting machine

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