green walnut peeling machine

Introduction of Kingston Green Walnut Peeling Machine

The Green walnut peeling machine places the walnut into the main barrel and adds a certain amount of water. The walnut is free to rotate underneath the spindle stirring core, as friction is achieved by removing the core, main barrel wall, as well as thread cutter. Add more water for rotary cleaning, cleaning, and finally remove through the outlet during the peeling process. its other names are walnut green skin peeling machine, walnut green skin peeler, green walnut peeling machine, walnut husking machine, walnut green husk removing machine

Clearly, traditional methods of peeling walnuts are insufficient for the vast quantity of walnuts produced. Consequently, mechanical peelers are required. It is indeed evident that businesses require high-performance peelers. After the green skin are removing, the walnut could be further shelled by walnut cracker machine and walnut shell separator

walnut peeling machine

Why is an Industrial Walnut Green Skin Peeling Machine Necessary for Walnut Processors?

To reduce losses as well as transport costs, post-harvest processing of agricultural commodities not just to supply value-added products, but also improves the quality of their export markets.
In the instance of walnuts, peeling the walnut hulls instantly after harvest as well as drying are very major considerations. The outer edge surface of the walnut which has just been harvested is coated by a green layer. This layer is noticeably thicker and fleshy, and then it stays relatively fresh and juicy for a long period of time. Compaction of walnuts may lead to problems like crushing, crushing as well as blackening of nuts.
Consequently, a machine that really can peel nuts rapidly and effortlessly must be needed. That is why Kingston Machinery designs the novel green walnut peeler machine.

The following are the objectives of inventing this walnut peeling machine: 

▼To improve the quality and value of walnuts by accelerating the removal of their hulls after harvest. Automatic removal of the green skin from the walnut, washing of the walnut, as well as production of the walnut from the machine.
▼ To prevent disease and pest outbreaks, focus on improving sanitation, as well as protect the environment.
▼ To reduce the number of processing operations by eliminating some activities like shell whitening and decolorization. It saves both time and labor. The process is simple, and the working life is long.
▼ To allow nuts to be stored for a longer period.
▼ To reduce the cost with worker skin damage. It also has benefits like small size, low noise, simple structure, as well as efficient operation.

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More Information on Kingston Walnut Peeler/black walnut husk peeler

The agricultural machinery appraisal station’s testing results of the machine’s performance indexes reveal that the peeling rate of green skin is 99 percent, the mechanical damage rate is less than 1%, as well as the productivity is approximately 800-1000kg per hour.  This walnut peeling machine produces clean walnuts with no black spots, which enhances the appearance quality of walnuts. the most advantage of this machine is it no required water in the peeling process, it can peeling green walnuts directly without using water

When compared to the manual peeling, mechanical peeling of green skin increases work efficiency by 20 times while avoiding injury to green skin opponents.

walnut green skin peeling machine

Technical Parameter

Voltage:220V/380V  3phase

Power:1.5KW  50HZ

Capacity: 3-4tons/hr



Material: stainless steel


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