Macadamia cracking and separating all-in-one machine/macadamia nut cracker and separator/macadamia nuts shelling machine:

Capacity: 300-380kg/hour

Speed: 28pcs/time

Type: collision

Hit rate: <3% (return for re-cracking)

Size range: 16-36mm

Control panel: PLC system

Voltage: 380v 50Hz

Power 9kw

Whole kernel: 70-75%

Half kernel: 20-25%

Small pieces: <3%


Weight: 820kg

Material: SS 304

Cracking macadamia nuts and separating the kernels out/macadamia cracking and kernels separating/cracking macadamia and sorting out the kernels


Video clip of macadamia cracker cum separator: