Function and Features of oat husker

TY1000 It is designed to de-hull, remove shells, separate and re-separate for oats. The compact hullers are controlled by frequency converter, which can easily adjust the speed of huller so as to control the capacity and the percentage of broken kernels.

The un-hulled seeds return back to de-huller for next round hulling automatically. The machine features of easy operation and maintenance.


Component of oat de-huller

The machine consists of: Input hopper, elevator, main de-hulling part, separator, un-hulled oats cycling system, electric control panel.



Un-hulled seeds

Feeding → elevating → hulling → separating out shells from seeds and kernels-separating seeds from

Un-hulled seeds-kernels  → oat kernels


Technical Parameters of oat de-husker/oat groats processing

Power: 8.13Kw(380V)

Processing capacity:0.8-1.0t/hour

% of the whole kernels: 95% min. (Broken kernel is that less than 1/2 of whole kernel)

% of seeds in the finished product: 2.4% max.

% of seeds and kernels in the shells: 0.3% max.

Occupied area: 8m × 3m

Height: 3m

Weight: 3t

Operator: 2 persons