Features and introduction of pinecone thresher:

It is used on threshing pine cone, take out the seeds

It is consist of frame, threshing unit, sorting unit, and transmission unit

1、frame:seamed and welded by angle iron, loading the whole machine weight

2、threshing unit:include feeding funnel, top cover, drum and recess plant, drum is the main part, recess plate is fixed on the frame by screw bolt and fastener

3、sorting unit: include double deck sieve, draught fan and three air absorb pipes, sieve hanged on the frame by four suspenders, fan and pipes fixed on the frame, fan blades fixed on the shaft

4、transmission unit:driving by electricity or tractor, belt wheel make drum rotating by the triangular belt driving, small belt wheel on the drum driving eccentric shaft rotating, eccentric gear driving connecting rod make sieve moving advance and returning


Principle and technological process of pinecone deseeder:

Feeding in, pine cone through drum and recess plate, striking by wire nail teeth, pine cone strike and rub, pine cone and plate strike and rub, threshing the seeds, at the same time, material is pushed from feeding port to discharging hole,seeds and impurity separated by the recess plate holes, fall down to sieve, un separated seeds go to the separate sieve again, separated again, fall down to sieve the seeds and mixtures, is transported to the bottom of absorb pipe, during the transmit process, impurity fall to floor, sorted seeds was transported to the discharging port


Technical parameters of pinecone deseeding machine:





Threshing rate:>99%

Broken rate:<1.5%

Impurity rate:<1.5%