What Type of Peanut Skin Peeler it is?

It is a dry type machine for removing the red skin of roasted groundnuts or dried/fried groundnuts, not for raw peanuts.
It is innovative designed by Kingston engineers, with super high peeling rate (over 98%), much higher than other suppliers. Comprised of well-constructed racks, vibration sieve, air suction device, dust collecting device, vacuum cleaner and a huller, the dry type peeling machine is not that difficult to operate, more user-friendly for green hand when compared with wet type peanut peeler.

dry type peanut peeler

Feeding, Peeling, Separating, the automatic peanut skin peeler is with “one-stop service”, free your hands, being an integral equipment in peanut processing plant.

Motor power0.55kw/380v/50hz
Fan power0.75-1.5kw

Working Principle of Kingston Roasted Peanut Skin Remover

It adopts pneumatic principle, to a great extent, ensuring the integrity of peanut kernels. The automatic digital control also reduces broken rate, helping keep roasted peanuts with great appearance for further selling.
Benefits of Kingston dry type peanut red skin peeling machine:
◆ Little to no water consumption. It is an energy efficient peeler for both small, medium and large production.
◆ The hygienic and sanitary design of Kingston peanut peeler makes it a favourable and must-have machine during epidemics and pandemics. It plays an important role in controlling the safety and quality (saving the maximum peanut nutrition) of roasted groundnuts.

roasted peanut peeling machine

◆ Top quality. The groundnut red skin remover performs excellent during the peeling process, which has been well tested by our factory and our dearest customers. With low breakage rate, the buyers will never worry about it stopping working in sudden.

How to Use Kingston Dry Type Peeling Machine to Remove Roasted Peanut Skin?

The whole peeling process can be concluded as Rolling & Rubbing.
Conveying the roasted groundnuts into the hopper, the peanuts entering peeling chamber;
Then the huller peels the peanuts automatically and completely;
Lastly, the vibration sieve will screen red coat out, and the roasted peanut kernels are discharged from the outlet of the peeler machine.