Hazelnut peeling machine/hazelnut brown skin peeler/hazelnut kernel peeling machine/peeling machine for Hazelnut/nuts splitting and blanching machine

(I) Functions and features

ST-150 is the machines that can automatically remove the peels of separated cashew, peanuts, soybean and pine nuts with a dry-type pneumatic processing technology, which can produce smooth and non-damage nuts reaching the national environment-protection and sanitation standards, as well as requirements for export.

The machine is driven by an air compress and uses pneumatic power to remove the out skin of the nuts with different sizes. It is applied to agricultural products with membrane. The machine is widely used for deep processing of garlic, by food processing factories, mines, army’s and schools’ dining rooms, vegetable distribution centers, agricultural produce fairs and other processing units and individuals.


(II) Technical data of machine peel out brown husk of kernels/Soft peel removing/paper skin remover

Type: air peeling

Capacity 200-300kg/hr

Peeling rate 98%

Dimensions 680*600*1600mm

Weight 170kg




Video page: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/kEWJTVspBVA