Searching for large commercial grade nut shelling plant? Wondering what processing equipment a nut plant exactly includes? Looking for a complete solution to almond shelling?
Kingston turnkey 1t/h system will cover nut processors’ requirements perfectly.

1000 kg/h Large Scale Almond Shelling & Separating Plant

The almond processing plant is used to crack, de-hull almond, and separate almond shell from kernel. In the past few years, the high capacity plant earned great popularity in worldwide almond growers & processors.
It is available to use on 1000 kg/h almond shelling & separating, with perfect design, low cracking ratio and gorgeous separating effects.

large nut cracking and separating line

What does the 1 T/H Nut Processing Plant Consist of?

It mainly consists of two key equipment: Almond Shelling Machine and Kernel & Shell Separating Machine.

◆Almonds start their process in nut sheller machine, where the almond shells are cracked and then removed. The shelling rate is up to 98%. after shelling, the finished products are a mixture of almond kernels and shells. Therefore, it needs to be further processed — Separating.

Almond Shelling Machine

◆The almonds are then sent into kernel & shell separator machine which can achieve excellent separation of kernels and shells by precisely identifying their weight difference. After gravity separator machine do the initial separation, the almonds make their way through equipment that remove the thin peel from almond kernels.

almond Kernel & Shell Separating Machine

The 1000kg/h almond processing plant has a super wide application. It is designed and installed for shelling of all kinds of hard shell nuts.

Kingston 1 T/H nuts processing plant can be used for shelling and separating of

1. Walnut, 1T/H walnut cracking shelling and separating machines
It’s not an easy thing to prise apart a walnut kernel and its outer shell. For large industrial production, mechanical shelling is used. Kingston 1000kg/h production line can be regarded as the best way of shelling and cracking walnut.
Features of the production line when processing walnut: high capacity production, easy installation & operation, global standards.

almond processing equipment

2. Palm nut, industrial scale palm nut shelling line
If you are selecting an ideal palm nut cracking & shelling machine, the 1T/H production plant will perfectly finish the work on sheller machine to crack palm nut shells and then automatically conveyed to gravity separator machine for further shells removing.
The innovative palm nut shelling line is with maximum yield & minimum damage.

3. Hazelnut, completing a one-time processing hazelnut
To obtain the best shelling experience, we recommend hazelnut processors use Kingston 1000kg/h shelling plant. It is widely used for cracking a fair amount of hazelnut. The two benefits make the nut processing line a first choice when shelling hazelnut:
◆ Cracking the hazelnut with minimum broken kernels;
◆ Separating shelled hazelnut out without any damage.

4. Macadamia nut, high shelling rate
Featured by professional hulling, Kingston 1T/H processing plant can also be used for shelling of macadamia nut. It is an efficient and affordable macadamia nut cracking machine for Macadamia processing companies.

5. Other hard shell nuts like Apricot kernel, pecan nuts etc.
If you are interested in small scale shelling machine, please click the link or mail to [email protected] for more details.

Kingston Nut Processing Machinery

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