Grading is a pre-process of cashew nut food making. After the cashews are cracked & shelled, they have to be graded. The grading is done by cashew grader according to the shape & size of cashew kernel. cashew sorting machine

Cashew Grader by Kingston Machinery

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Kingston high efficiency cashew nut size sorting machine can sort cashew kernel with an accuracy up to 95%. It is able to identify and classify raw cashew into different sizes automatically. The graded cashew will be cleaned and sorted based on 4 different sizes:
It is with automatic operation, entirely made of food-grade material. The cashew grader capacity can reach to 500kg per hour. We have installed more than 30 projects in all over Europe Countries in the last 2 years.

Capacity( KG/H )400KG/H
Power( KW )3KW
Weight( KG )1000KG

Highly Precise Raw Cashew Grading Machine

Components: It is mainly comprised of transmission part, sieving screen (different size holes on the drum), the rack and some other parts.
Working Process:
Raw cashew kernel are automatically transported and fed into a feeding hopper. Then the cashew nuts enter the drum. Cashew grading takes place in the rotary (cylindrical) drum. Rotary drum type sieving screen is with different size holes. During the grading process, raw kernel with same size will fall directly from its holes.
The finish cashew grading machine is used together with cashew nut shelling machine, cashew steamer etc.

cashew grades

Top Picks

Kingston cashew kernel grader machine is with professional design, and super great classification effect. Its dedicated design can prevent cashew nuts from clogging the sieve during grading process.
◆ It is a versatile size sorting machine with high classification efficiency. The large scale cashew grader will greatly shorten your cashew processing time, and promising a higher output. Kingston machinery will continuously meet the food industry’s high requirements and individual processors.
◆ The final graded cashew nuts equal sizes, suitable for further process.
◆ It is a worldwide popular sorter specializes in classifying many kinds of dry nut products such as cashew, walnut (walnut grading machine) etc. It is a real breakthrough for nuts processing.
Kingston sorting solutions boost throughput and availability while at the same time increasing yield, quality, and food safety for your operation.