Cashew kernel should be steamed to remove the toxins.
A steaming machine (cooking machine) is used to cook cashew nuts, meanwhile preserving the original color of the cashew. After undergoing the steaming process, cashew nuts are more healthy to eat.
In the cashew steamer, the nuts are softened due to penetration of steam. After steaming, the nuts are air-cured for further processing.
cashew nut steam cooker

Kingston ZG Model Cashew Steaming Machine

It is equipped with electric control turn on or turn off or PLC, being an automatic steamer for commercial cashew cooking. There are two heating methods, steaming heating and electric heating.
(notice: these 2 heating modes cannot work simultaneously)
How to cook cashew: the steamer machine uses hot steam to cook raw cashew nuts.
Recommendation: cashew shelling machine. The steamer is in easy combine with sheller and peeling machine to make big processing plant. Once the steaming done, the cashew nuts can be de-shelled by Kingston cashew shelling machine, and then further for kernel peeling.

Top Picks

◆ the cashew steaming machine is made of finest quality raw material with robust construction. It meets international standards, widely used for cashew processing all around the world.
Kingston ZG series cashew nut steamer is demanded for optimum performance. Our vast industrial experience and skilled professionals enable Kingston Machinery manufacture quality and affordable cashew nut processing machines.

cooked cashew nuts and inner structure of cashew steaming machine

Things Should be Noticed When Using Kingston Cashew Nut Steamer

1.Check up supply voltage first, to match with nameplate trivia voltage.
2.Check the water inlet tube, gas inlet and the pressure relief valve to make sure they are unobstructed.
3.Pressure-relief. When the cashew nut cooked, do shut the power source. When taking out the braised cashew from the cabinet, avoid to face the cabinet. What should be done firstly is opening the lock and let the high temperature steam relief. After that, taking the cashew out.
4.If the machine break down., please do not tear down by yourself, you have to invite the engineer to maintenance.