Complete buckwheat hulling unit 300kg/hr/buckwheat dehuller/buckwheat husking/processing line for buckwheat/buckwheat groats processing


Buckwheat cleaning and grading unit:

Components:Feeding funnel, multifunction shaker, elevator, grading sieve, electric box

Craft of process: Feeding—shaking and removing impurity—hoisting—grading/6-8 levels


Grading to 6 sizes: 3.1、3.3、3.5、3.7、3.9、4.1

Main parameters:

Power: 8.18kw

Capacity: 500-600kg raw material/hour

Location area: 8*4m

Height of install: 2.7m


Buckwheat hulling and sorting unit:

Components: Funnel, elevator, huller, electric box

Craft of process: feeding—hoisting—hulling—sorting—final kernels (non de-hulled will go back to elevator for hulling and sorting again, until de-hulled completely)


Main parameters:

Power: 10.3kw

Kernel rate: >75%

Non de-hulling rate: <3%

Sorting rate: >99.5%

Whole kernel: >98%

Location area: 5.5*3m

Height of install: 2.8m



Video of  buckwheat dehulling unit: