Matters needing attention/De husking and removing debris  

First, big fruit hazelnut must be ripe picking, tree sway under the best.  

Two, light a day or a day and a half or so thin point on the ground after drying, pass pile, while the tide peeling effect is the best  

Three, wire more than 5 square copper wire, electricity to use the guillotine.  Don’t use sockets.  Maximum amount of electricity for the best results, not too long wires  

Four desquamate when the tail out of the skin place lifted desquamate.  

The hazelnut hu after 5 take off is clean, have without impurity the discretion that needs debugging tuyere.  

Six, the machine on the 28(B21, Dawei, 110) eyes screen bottom, with 25(jade pendant) and 30 eyes (226 varieties) screen bottom, because do not know each other’s fruit size (due to different regions), 226 varieties fragile is not easy to take off, this is normal, mixed fruit is not as good as a single variety peeling effect. also have In-shell hazelnut cleaning & processing

Capacity: 400kg/hr


Voltage: 380v/220v

Peeling rate:>98%


Weight: 170kg


Before husking:


After de husking:

Video page: