Nowadays, after harvesting of walnuts, the shell is cracked mechanically in order to obtain the kernel. Mechanical cracking ensures less kernel damage, time saving and adds the market value of shelled walnuts.walnut sheller machine

Why Kingston Commercial Nut Cracker Machine?

On the one hand, it is an innovative developed shelling equipment for Walnut Cracking (English walnut, black walnut) | Pecan Shelling | Macadamia Nut Crashing & Husking.
For walnut processing companies, it ensures a more efficient mean of walnut cracking through mechanization. To a great extent, the walnut cracker reduces manual labor intensity, and improves cracking efficiency for walnut planters. It can crack all walnuts with different sizes.
Green walnuts are usually pre-processed by Walnut green skin remover machine, and then shelled by cracker machine.

For pecan shelling processors, a 98% whole kernel recovery rate can be achieved after shelling the pecan by using Kingston Pecan Sheller. It is on hot selling at factory-direct price, super easy for global buyers to purchase and operate.

For macadamia nut company and factories, the commercial nut cracker is a must-have shelling equipment for high output macadamia cracking and husking. It is suitable for different types/sizes of macadamia nuts shelling, greatly improving working efficiency, saving labors, and with hygienic design. In the past few years, Kingston macadamia dehusking machine earned great popularity in South Africa, Australia and Kenya. we have confidence that it will be one of the most essential macadamia processing machinery in the near future.


On the other hand, the walnut crackers are well-constructed with high quality carbon steel and stainless steel, which ensures a longer service life for both small, medium and large scale walnut / pecan / macadamia nut cracking and shelling. Its compact structure occupies small land size, and easy for sea transportation.

features of walnut cracking machine

Working Process of Kingston Power Operated Walnut Cracker

Tips before using the shelling machine:
it is recommended to grade walnuts at first before cracking. Top quality walnut grading machine is best suited for nuts grading.

1. Manually adjusting the distance between the cracker rotating shaft and stationary grooved plate according to the walnut size.
2. Feeding the graded walnuts to the upper hopper. They move to the space between the rotating shaft and grooved plate where the cracking takes place. The rotating speed is adjustable to ensure the kernel integrity.
3. The graded walnuts are automatically cracked by shearing action of the rotating shaft against the stationary plate.
4. The cracked walnuts (kernel & shell together) get discharged through outlet chute.
5. For further separating of walnut meat & shell, an energy-efficient walnut kernel and shell separating machine is recommend here.