small nut shelling and separating plant

Details on Kingston Small Nut Processing Line

Procedure: small scale nut shelling and kernel-shell separating process
Application: Almond, apricot, hazelnut, macadamia, palm kernel, peach-stone and other nuts.
The plant consists of: small nut cracker, small nut separator
Production capacity: 200-300kg/h

small nut shelling machine

Small Nut Cracking Machine

◆ It is available for different size and hardness nuts cracking and shelling.
◆ the nut shelling machine is also used to crack many other nuts, apricot nuts, hazel nuts, palm nuts, almonds, etc.
◆ It enables to crack almonds hard shell at one time, completely and no broken kernels (broken rate <2%).
◆ Professional and advanced skill, efficient, saving time and labor, good shelling result.


Technical Parameter of nuts cracking machine:

Model: TK-01
Capacity: 200-300kg/hour
Power: 380v/1.5kw
Cracking rate: >95%
Broken rate: <1%
Dimensions: 2350*770*1600mm
Weight: 260kgsmall nut separating machine

Small Nut Shells and Kernels Separating Machine

▼ It separating shells and kernels completely at one time, final kernels pure and clean.
▼ Fast processing, no broken kernels in the separating process, easy operation.
▼ Saving time and labor, also can separating many other kinds of nuts shells and kernels.


Technical parameters:

Model: FL-01
Capacity: 200-300kg/hour
Power: 2.2kw
Separating rate: >98%
Dimensions: 1970*920*1350mm
Weight: 230kg

almond shelling and separating machine


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