I、Features and introduction

It is available for grinding peanut butter, almond butter, sesame butter, etc, kinds of nut butter or paste grinding and emulsifying


II、Working principle

Its basic working principle is cutting, grinding and high speed stirring. grinding by the relative movement of the 2 teeth form, one is high speed rotating, the other one static, the material through the teeth was cutting and grinding, with high friction, at the same vibrating with high frequency, make the material disperse, emulsifying and homogeneity


III、Structures and components

It is consist of grinding head, base conveying parts, and electric motor, food touch place made of stainless steel material, abrasive disc is the key parts of machine, according to different kinds of nuts, the shape of abrasive disc also different, made of stainless steel


IV、Operation and handling

1、Install feeding hopper and discharging hopper, connect with water pipe for cooling

2、Connect with power, start machine to check direction of motor rotating, seen from the feeding hopper, it should be clockwise

3、Adjusting the gap of abrasive discs, loose the 2 hand shanks(anti-clockwise twist), then rotate the regulating ring clockwise, put one hand in the base to rotate fan of motor, when rotating the regulating ring, feel a little abrasion, stop quickly, then reversal rotating the regulating ring a little, let the disc gap more than the number, generally speaking, in case meet the request of fineness, make sure the gap a little bigger, it will prolong the life of disc, then fasten the hand shank clockwise, let the gap of discs fixed

4、Clean the inside and disinfection

5、Connect with water pipe, first put nuts in the hopper, then start machine

6、Don’t put stone, glass, metal in the machine, or else it will damage the discs

7、Take attention of the motor loading, don’t over loading

8、Grinder is high precise machine, gap of discs is small, rotating with high speed, so operator should use it under the regulations, stop quickly if breakdown, start again after solve problem

9、After batch production, clean it completely, don’t left residue in the machine, to avoid damage

10、No need add water in the grinding process, make sure machine inside no water, to avoid paste become thick cause breakdown



1、It is high precise machine, high speed rotating, small gaps of discs, after recondition, re-assemble must use dial gage to revise, make sure Coaxiality tolerance ≤0.5mm

2、When repair or maintenance, don’t use hammer knocking on, use wood hammer knock lightly, to avoid damage the parts, there is professional tool of the discs

3、There are static seal and motive seal, motive seal use mechanical seal and combined seal, static seal use O shape ring, fastener use copper cushion sealed, screw nut use Teflon tape sealed

4、Maintain occasionally according to the different nuts, if running well, raw material no change, can be worked continuously





Peanut butter grinder list

Model AMS-70


AMS-130 AMS-180 AMS-200 AMS-260
Fineness(mesh) 100-200 100-200 100-200 100-200 100-200 100-200
Capacity(kg/h) 50-80 100-150 200-300 500-800 600-900 800-1200
Power(kw) 3 5.5 11 22 37 45
Rotate(rpm) 3000+-100 3000+-100 3000+-100 3000+-100 3000+-100 3000+-100
Weight(kg) 70 170 275 330 500 600
Size(mm) 650*320*650 900*350*900 1000*385*1050 1200*450*1200 1300*450*1300 1650*600*1500