What is Nut Chopping Machine Used for?

It is specially designed and used to cut peanut, almond kernel and other nut products into small chopped granules. Kingston nut cutting machine can produce chopped peanuts that guarantee quality but still keep the flavor, aromatic and fatty.
The chopped/shredded nuts can be further used in bakery food processing, supermarket, canned nut industry etc.

peanut chopping machine

Three Functions of Kingston Nut Cutter Machine

1. Vibration feeding (conducive to evenly kernel cutting results)
Peanuts are transferred into feed hopper by conveying belt. Together with vibration feeding function, nuts are evenly fed in digging hopper for cutting.
2. Efficient chopping (shredded nut particle size can be changed by adjusting cutters’ size gap)
The upper cutters coarsely chop the nuts first, then the large nut particles are finely cut by the lower cutters, to minimize raw material consumption and save production costs.
Chopping size: 2-6mm
3. Precisely grading (chopped peanuts are graded and selected into different sizes as per customer’s production requirements)
The nut chopping machine is equipped with different specification sieves for final grading of crushed nuts, to get the required particle size.

chopped peanut making machine

Features of Chopped Peanut Making Machine

◆ It is available for making small chestnut particle, crushed walnut, chopped peanut, almond pieces, apricot pieces, palm nut pieces, and other kinds of nuts pieces making and cutting.
◆  It is adjustable for pieces size cutting, between 2mm and 6mm
◆  Food touching place is made of stainless steel, hygiene and healthy for food standard
◆  Professional and advanced skill, efficient, saving time and labor, good result cutting pieces, low powder rate, good shaped pieces cutting and making
◆ It is professional nuts pieces cutting machine, always for food processing, such as ice cream, biscuit, cookie, bread, snacks, etc

Technical Parameters of Peanut Chopping Machine

Model: QS-01
Capacity: 200-300kg/hour
Chopping size: 2-6mm/adjustable
Power: 380v/50Hz/2kw
Chopping rate: >98%
Powder rate: <1%
Dimensions: 2700*1050*1350mm
Weight: 260kg


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