Hemp sheller

Functions and features of hemp seeds sheller:            
1. This plant is available for cleaning hemp seeds, dehulling, peeling, sorting, and re-sorting

  1. The un-dehulle hemp seeds can be back to machine for dehulling again, full automatic processing
  2. Low consumption, stable running, high degree of automation, low losing rate, few broken rate
  3. Easy operation and maintenance, very advanced and professional hemp seeds cleaning, dehulling and sorting unit


Product structures of hemp seeds dehuller:
Include feeding funnel, elevator, cleaner, bucket elevator, dehuller(4sets), vibrating conveying wind sorter, shells and kernels sorting combination machine, induced draft feeding back system, electrical control


Process flow of hemp seeds dehusker:

Feeding→elevating→cleaning→elevating→dehulling→ peeling→ sorting→sorting→sorting→sorting→final kernels

Technical parameters
Power:15kw(380v)                                      Capacity:300kg/hour
Whole rate:≥90%
Kernel mix with raw seeds:≤2%                             Hull with kernel:≤0.3%
Location area:13.7m 2.8m                                 Height:4m
Weight:6tons                                          Operator:2 person



Spiral oil expeller

The spiral oil press machine is suitable for rapeseed, peanut, soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, sesame seed, tea seed, walnut, corn germ, and so on.

Features and performances of oil seed extractor:
1. oil Press is suitable for most oil-bearing crops can realize thorough squeezing, continuous squeezed speed, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, high output.

2. Automatic oil extraction machine  is applicable to squeeze system various oil seed crops, mainly suitable for the squeeze sesame, peanut, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean oil crops , etc.

3. The series machines are suitable for small and medium-sized oil processing plants and individual professional use, also can be used for oil mill of preparing to squeeze.

4. Fully automatic machine screw press reasonable design, with filter and temperature control, manufacture reliable quality, with nice appearance, simple in structure, convenient in operation, small volume, occupies little space, save work, save electricity.

5. Including oil filtering device, final oil clean and pure

Model:6YL-95C A


Power rate:7.5KW



Applications: peanut oil press, almond oil extraction, avocado oil extraction, walnut oil extraction, soya oil press, sesame oil extraction, morocco argan oil machine

Process stage: it is hot type extraction, making cooked oil or ripe oil, first the materials should be roasted in advance, then extract oil on the machine

Names: avocado oil press, oil extraction machine, oil press, oil pressing machine, oil seed extractor, spiral oil press, screw type oil expeller, screw oil extraction press, nut mill, commercial oil making machine, cashew nut shell oil extracting

Hydraulic oil expeller

  1. Hydraulic press structure:
  2. Main engine: include bottom board, stand column, squeeze chamber, oil tray, screw nut, etc, the material in the chamber which put

Up forward by the cylinder force and extruded by the squeezing bolt, oil flow out from the chamber and in to the oil tray

  1. Conveying hydraulic: it is the machine power source, include drive shaft, worm gear, worm, gear pump, high pressure pump, overflow valve

Manual valve, cylinder, etc, advanced pump equipped, low speed, big oil pressure, thermo stability

  1. Electric controlling: include electric motor, voltmeter, temperature adjusting meter, pressure gage, power insurance
  2. Features of hydraulic oil mill:
  3. Small area covering, easy operating, easy learning, power saving
  4. Hydraulic system, high pressure, high oil rate, good oil quality
  5. Full automatic controlling, automatic controlling preheating temperature and hydraulic pressure
  6. Machine operating procedures:
  7. Before starting up, clean the oil tank and add enough hydraulic oil, check the bolt and screw whether loose, check the circuit connected
  8. Preheating before machine working each time, in summer and autumn the preheat temperature is 50-70, winter and spring is 70-90

The preheat system is automatic , no need close the temperature controlling switch

  1. Hold the up board handle, open the up board, put a cushion under the squeeze chamber, fall the piston
  2. Trial running the machine 1-2minutes before each working, in winter trial running 5-10minutes
  3. Put the roasted and cooled sesame in the squeeze chamber, not hot material
  4. Operating person must not leave machine when working, when the pressure gage arrive 55Mpa, stop machine working, or close the power

Check the voltmeter whether broke down, make sure everything is ok then working

  1. when the pressure low to 45Mpa, electric system auto open, squeeze chamber no oil flow out, that means all the oil has been extruded outTechnical data:Pressure: 50mpaForce: 120tInside diameter: 230mmPiston journey: 500mmVolume: 10kgCapacity: 200kg/8hPower: 5.5kwMaterial: stainless steelWeight: 1300kgOther name: hydraulic oil press, hydraulic press, hydraulic oil mill/cold extracting avocado oil machine,hydraulic water press,hydraulic water extract, commercial oil making machine

    cashew shell oil extraction


Video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH5RYZsukrk