Functions and features of hemp seeds sheller:            
1. This plant is available for cleaning hemp seeds, dehulling, peeling, sorting, and re-sorting

  1. The un-dehulle hemp seeds can be back to machine for dehulling again, full automatic processing
  2. Low consumption, stable running, high degree of automation, low losing rate, few broken rate
  3. Easy operation and maintenance, very advanced and professional hemp seeds cleaning, dehulling and sorting unit


Product structures of hemp seeds dehuller:
Include feeding funnel, elevator, cleaner, bucket elevator, dehuller(4sets), vibrating conveying wind sorter, shells and kernels sorting combination machine, induced draft feeding back system, electrical control


Process flow of hemp seeds dehusker:

Feeding→elevating→cleaning→elevating→dehulling→ peeling→ sorting→sorting→sorting→sorting→final kernels

Technical parameters
Power:15kw(380v)                                      Capacity:300kg/hour
Whole rate:≥90%
Kernel mix with raw seeds:≤2%                             Hull with kernel:≤0.3%
Location area:13.7m 2.8m                                 Height:4m
Weight:6tons                                          Operator:2 person