De-stemmed cherry machine






(Net weight):1t

Water requirement: sufficient


Function: Remove the stem of cherry


Applicable scope: canned food factory, fruit shop, fruit processing factory and etc


Performance characteristics:

  1. The appearance and frame of the equipment are made of 304 stainless steel. The transmission part, bearing, reducer, motor and so on are made of carbon steel.

2, the unique removal process, in the premise of not destroying the flesh, will be separated from the cherry, and the removal rate of more than 90%.

  1. Not only can the cherry be separated from the cherry fruit. In addition, the cherry can be separated from the cherry fruit in different silos, which not only improves work efficiency and reduces labor costs, but also works reliably with novel results.

4, to make the machine brush made of special materials, do not lose hair, do not destroy the cherry skin.

  1. The plastic strip is a silicone strip.

6, one year warranty, lifelong maintenance