Features of Kingston Banana Peeling machine/ zester machine

▼ This banana peeler is made of high-carbon chromium stainless steel with high strength and hardness, ensuring food production hygiene. And its blade is sharp and not easy to deform.
Ripe banana peeling machine uses a mechnical hand to tear off banana skin, with good peeling quality, fresh soft surface, product thickness and uniform. And it brings no damage for fibrous structure.
▼ Considering the diversity of customers’ raw materials, we can provide banana peeler machine with unique customized services, like customizing the height and diameter of the inlet for customers.
▼ The mechanical transmission of high power brings long lifespan for the machine, and with low noise when running well.
Plantain peeler machine supports continuous production, and its discharge port can be linked to subsequent processing equipment, which is convenient, practical and efficient.