Tamarind pulp extraction machine/extracting the pandanus pulp/tamarind pulper/Banana juice machine

Palm dates pulping machine/dates deseeder/dates deseeding/dates pulp machine/plum depulper:

Availability: dates, palm dates, tamarind, plum, prune, etc

1、peel,core, seeds, pulp automatic separating

2、can work alone and connect in full line

3、made of stainless steel

Principle of Tamarind pulping machine/tamarind paste machine/tamarind fruit pulper:

motor running through belt,make the rotor high speed rotating,fruits enter machine,vane push forward to pulping stic,then crushed,as centrifugal force,pulp go through sieve holes and coming out from outlet,core and peel dischared to another outlet,finally separated puree pure and clean,first removing the core,then removing peel and get final pulp


1、install flat,fasten the ground bolts

2、fasten each bolt,check if loosen,clean inside and outside, keep clean

3、connect power,confirm the rotate direction correct

4、trial running 5 minutes, confirm ok, then normal production

5、feeding input gradually,no force,check quality after stop,regulate angel and sieve gap well

6、when stop, power off directly is ok,when rotor not stop running, don’t open the cover

7、when each batch production over,clean the sieve,open the front cover, take off the bolt,take apart the rotor and sieve, cleaning by water and brush is ok

8、must check if over heating occassionaly

9、check the rotating belt is old or broken, change new one on time

10、check the belt if too fasten or too loose,can turn around by hand, always 90o is best,regulate the bolt to adjust

11、bearing normal temperature below 75℃,lubrucating occassionally,prolong the life of bearing

Specificaion of Tamarind deseeding machine/tamarind seeds extractor/tamarind seed removing:

Size: 900*450*1100㎜
Capacity: 500kg/hr



Video page: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/FAupW35Y8uY