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Fruit peeling machine is the efficient method of removing the peel from a large variety of fruits, such as apple, lemon, orange, kiwi, pineapple, mango, potato, pumpkin and so on.
Kingston multifunctional industrial fruit peeler can remove the peel with fast speed and high efficiency so as to facilitate the subsequent processing of fruits, which helps to save raw material and energy in significant. Due to adopting high grade stainless steel, our fruit and vegetable peeling machine is conform to the hygiene standards.
Meanwhile, it has the obvious advantages including high productivity, strong durability, easy operation and convenient maintenance. In virtue of these features, this fruit peeling machine has been widely used for fruit processing field, especially in cannery processing industry.

fruit peeling machine

Operating Process of Fruit Peeling Machine

During the operation, users need to click on the touch screen, set the parameters and put the fruit into the fruit holder, and then the fruit peeling machine will automatically complete the separation of the holding, delivering, peeling and discharging of fruits. For now, this automatic fruit peeler has become the key equipment for the industrial production of fruit tea, fruit peel sugar, fruit beverages and so on.
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Pineapple Peeler, automatic pineapple peeling process

pineapple peeler

Applications of Industrial Fruit Peeler

This fruit peeling machine is appropriate for fruit and vegetable processing plants, frozen food factory, snack food industry and the other fields where need to remove the peel of fresh fruit and vegetables for subsequent process.
The automatic fruit peeling machine has very high adaptability, high peeling efficiency and strong reliability, and it is able to adjust the thickness of the peeling. That is to say, it can track the shape of the fruit and stick to the surface so as to be applied to dozens of fruits and vegetables, including pineapple, papaya, coconut, cantaloupe, watermelon, taro, grapefruit, orange, mandarin, lemon, kiwi, apple, pear, mango and so forth. The peeled fruits can be further processed by Industrial spiral juice extractor machine.

Kingston Food Machinery Tips:

When choosing a fruit peeling machine, customers should consider the exhaustion rate of the peel and the loss rate of the pulp. Besides, it is also necessary to consider whether the machine can automatically adapt to the size of the fruit and whether it is easy to operate and maintain, etc.

Mango peeling machine, high efficient mango peeling process

Technical Parameters on Kingston Industrial Fruit Peeler

Model: 6GXD-13
Capacity: 1000pcs/hr
Diameter range: 40-100mm
Peeling thick: 1-6mm
Height range: 40-120mm
Power: 0.6kW
Voltage: 380V/220V-50Hz
Weight: 380Kg
Dimensions: 1700×900×1700mm

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