Why do you purchase a Meat Bun Making Machine?

Meat buns are a kind of Chinese cuisine. Customarily, they have always been handmade; however, in order to accommodate the growing market production of different types of bun, meat bun making machines are invented, which are capable of producing various types of meat bun by changing the forming molds. The machine can produce a wide range of encrusted food products by modifying the provided forming molds. The professional dough dispenser is perfect for encrusting bean pastes, peanut powder, especially ground meats, or even nut fillings without affecting the final product’s appearance or texture.

meat bun making machine

The steamed bun machine‘s automatic filling function ensures velocity and consistency, and this is finally divided into individual meat buns with a delicate floral print on top. By adding a gas steamer, a complete steamed meat bun production line can be assembled. This can also produce bao by attaching a professional steamer to the machine.

The steamed stuffed bun machine is completely automatic. It is made of stainless steel and can produce 500 – 3000 stuffing buns per hour, with the weight of the buns adjustable between 20g and 200g by changing mould sizes. Both the wrapping of the dough and the filling ratio can be changed.

The steamed buns machine features a humanized design and a highly precise control panel, as well as an imported double frequency conversion stepless speed regulator. As a consequence, the operation is more advantageous, has a much more stable performance, is far more durable, is healthier, is environmentally friendly, as well as produces no noise.

The baozi making machine is perfect for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, school canteens, factories, and manufacturing companies of quick-frozen dumplings.

steamed stuffed bun machine

Meat Bun Making Machine Features and Applications

◆ Fuselage legerity, covering a small area while remaining mobile. The main body is made from stainless steel, does have a lovely shape, as well as complies with state food hygiene standards.
◆ This has a better head, a higher frequency, and a much more stable performance.
◆ Advanced dough sending and filling system, which fully helps protect the dough’s toughness.
◆ According to pastry dynamics of scientific design, in order to ensure products stornatal uniformity, keep the toughness, hold water properly, and the products’ surface exquisite, decorative pattern neat, good taste, much more than handmade products.
◆ The automatic bun machine uses a high-quality microcomputer control system with a humanized control panel, which helps make the control reliable and accurate, enabling for 5 minutes of free operation.
◆ A high degree of automation, quantitative accuracy, which leads in uniform product size, skin and filling ratio of 20 g-200 g, optional adjustable, one or two people can operate comfortably.
◆ Reasonable structure, low risk of joint failure, as well as easy maintenance.
◆ This bun making machine is suitable for all types of flour quality and can be used in a variety of workplaces.
◆ Productivity level is equivalent to 8 to 12 workers working at the same time on handmade buns, which are the lowest in efficiency.

Model: 300


Size: 20-200gr



Dimensions: 730*730*1730mm

Weight: 220kg

Customer instructions for type 300 steamed stuffed bun machine  


In order to let customers more understanding, better, safer use, maintenance of automatic stuffed bun machine, specially formulated this instruction.  Steamed stuffed machine is a valuable equipment, we hope our customers can read the instructions carefully after receiving the machine, and then try the machine. In the process of operation, the instructions are placed beside the machine, so that you can refer to them at any time.  

I. Performance and characteristics of the machine  


1, using the principle of die forming, product forming, appearance, size is consistent.  

2. The size and proportion of flour and filling can be adjusted.  

3, the main parts and inside and outside sealing plate are made of stainless steel or cast aluminum, beautiful appearance.  

4, simple structure, compact, reasonable, convenient maintenance and disassembly cleaning.  

5, simple operation, easy to master.  

Two, the working principle of the machine  


The working part of the whole machine is mainly composed of five parts: feeding system, feeding system, head, forming plate and conveyor belt.  

When working, the surface is sent to the exit of the machine head by the feeding mechanism, and the filling surface column is formed by the forming block in the forming plate to break the surface column into a uniform size of steamed stuffed bun.  

Three, basic technical parameters  


1, power supply household 220V/50Hz total power 2.75KW  

2, working epitaxial size length 1400 width 700 height 1400 transport simple packaging:  

3, the weight of the machine: not more than 400 kg  

4, product specifications: 40-180 grams/piece  

5, output: 1-3000 / hour  


Four, the working principle  


Filling tube – filling regulating pump –  

Add filling column – cut molding – conveyor belt  

Face feeding spiral bin – face feeding tube –  

Five, performance and characteristics  


This series of steamed stuffed bun machine adopts electronic independent regulation and control, and the principle of mold contraction and double cutting molding.  Forming speed, uniform shape, size and stability of skin filling proportion adjustment.  Compared with the traditional steamed stuffed bun machine, and the early series models, both work efficiency and environmental health have been greatly improved  

Six, program,  


1. Open the cover plate and add a little lubricating oil or grease between the blades (edible).  

2, switch on the power supply (must have grounding protection) after checking the positive and negative, open each part of the switch to make the machine empty operation, observe whether each part is normal.  

3, when trying to do, first turn on the forming switch, then turn on the regulating surface pump switch, put the kneaded surface into the surface bucket until the machine makes a hollow steamed stuffed bun, then adjust the filling button, according to the required proportion to make the weight of the dough, weigh the dough with a scale, turn off the pump switch.  

4. Open the filling pump switch, put the filling into the filling bucket, let the filling come out of the machine head, until the filling is full of filling tube, can open the face switch.  

5. When the filling column is formed by the mold plate and becomes a complete steamed stuffed bun, the steamed stuffed bun can reach the required size and ratio of skin filling by adjusting (for filling adjustment).  

Note: with the machine to make steamed stuffed bun, must use the scale to weigh the weight of the hollow steamed stuffed bun (that is, the weight of the skin), and then put the stuffing in, made into stuffed steamed stuffed bun, and then weigh the weight of the total steamed stuffed bun, the faster the speed of the surface and filling, the heavier the grams.  

The machine is equipped with 3 mouths and 2 filling tubes (according to different models and customers’ actual situation, the configuration will be different). This is for the weight range of steamed stuffed bun made by each mouth is different, so it is necessary to choose a suitable one. The size and range of the mouth are as follows:  

Diameter 32mm for 40g-70g with fine filling tube  

Diameter 42mm for 80g-120g with thick filling tube + thin set  

Diameter 47mm 130g-180g with thick filling tube + thick sleeve  

Please select according to your own needs, so that the proportion of the skin filling of the shape of the steamed stuffed bun will achieve satisfactory results.  


11. Please maintain the motor in accordance with the motor product instructions.  

Seven, machine cleaning and maintenance  


1. The machine should be cleaned in time after each shift  

2. It is strictly prohibited to use hard objects to smash, hit, pry and other bad operations when the mechanism of feeding and filling is disassembled.  

3. Clean the blades and put them back. Please pay attention to their placement.  

5, CAM groove in each class with plant grease once  

6. All bearings are dismantled and washed once every six months  

7. Please maintain the reducer motor in accordance with the routine maintenance of mechanical and electrical products  

Eight, matters needing attention  


1, the blade of the die plate will have some wear after working for a certain time. At this time, there is a relatively good loosening between the blades. This can make the high-speed screw of the die plate control edge not too tight, so as not to increase unnecessary pressure between the blades, causing accelerated wear  

2. If the blade is hollow or too large in the process of movement, the joint nut can be moved in front of the blade at high speed until it meets the requirements  

3. When installing the twisted dragon, please pay attention to the direction of the twisted dragon. The twisted dragon should be staggered 90 degrees to make the filling evenly transmitted, and form a “person” shape with the head outward and the opening inward (i.e. the center).  

Nine, safe operation matters  


1, the machine must have grounding protection  

2. Cover the sealing plate of the die plate and tighten the screws before starting  

3, the machine shall not reverse operation, otherwise it will damage the internal parts  

4. When operating, it is strictly prohibited to put your hand into the rotating face and stuffing of the twisted dragon, so as to avoid accidents.  

5. It is strictly forbidden to put hands or hard objects into the mold plate when starting up, so as to avoid accidents or damage to the machine.  

Mixing process and material ratio :(for reference only)  

Noodles can be roughly divided into two categories: yeast noodles and old noodles.  Now there is usually a yeast noodle process.  

Usually put flour, yeast, water, sugar, steamed bread improver or baking powder.  

The ratio is as follows: 10 kg of flour, 4.8-5 kg of water (can be determined according to the dryness and water of flour), 50 grams of yeast (according to seasonal changes can be reduced, yeast in 30-35 degrees of activity is the strongest) sugar (the same as yeast) steamed bread improvers 25 grams or 40 grams of baking powder.  

Video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMgtjbXMAtw