Kingston Meat and Bone Paste Making Machine

It is a user-friendly bone mud grinder, widely applied to wet material superfine grinding in food industry.
Animal bones are coarsely crushed by bone grinder, and then fine ground by the mud maker machine. That is how bone paste is making.

bone paste making machine


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With the use of Kingston bone mud grinder, meat and bone can be fine ground into 100-200mesh, therefore the bone mud maker is called as a “Super Pulverizer”.
It has a wide application in food industry for making of pet food (dog food etc.), sausage, ham, meatballs, food ingredients, fish ball, bone soup, bone glue and so on. Besides that, it can also be applied in fine grinding of pig skin, chicken skin and other animal skins.


Highlights of Bone Paste Grinder

◆ Wide application scope
It is a multi-functional bone mud grinding machine which enables process a large variety of animal bones (poultry & livestock bone), such as cattle, pork, sheep, chicken, duck skeleton, fish etc. Except for its wide application in food industry, the paste making machine also can be used in chemical industry, daily chemical, and low pharmaceutical industry.
◆ Smash, emulsify, homogenize, mix meat and bone emulsion matters
Kingston bone paste making machine integrates a lot of functions together – homogenizing, grinding, rolling, shearing and mixing. It has a super great effect on superior superfine grinding of meat and bones. That is one of the most important reason why it earns great popularity at abroad.

Bone Paste Grinder
◆ Food grade stainless steel, Corrosion Resistance
The strong material make the bone paste machine lasting a long time, perfect for industrial use, or large-capacity animal bone paste making.
◆ Fine grinding
The grinding head is made of world class stainless steel, heat resistance, wear resistance and long service life. Meanwhile, the grinding head can be adjusted/replaced as per different customers’ production requirements. It promises fine grinding, uniform fineness, and healthy final products.

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Technical Parameters of Kingston Bone Mud Grinder

 Model Capacity (kg) Fineness Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
KS-GN80 50-80 50-100 4 150 640*410900
KS-GN110 100-200 100-200 7.5 175 700*430*980
KS-GN130 300-500 100-200 11 285 830*440*1100
KS-GN180 400-800 100-200 18.5 340 830*490*1100
KS-GN240 600-1000 100-200 37/45 1300 1320*500*1280
KS-GN300 600-1800 60-200 75/90 1600 1440*630*1420