In food processing industry, size reduction of meat, fruit, vegetable and other food products can be a critical operation. Bowl chopper, also called as bowl cutter, is most commonly used to chop & blend delicious sausage recipe. In the past few years, it has earned great popularity in European markets, and being one of the top selling size reduction equipment in UK.

stainless steel meat bowl cutter

Introduction of Kingston Bowl Chopper

It is equipped with extra thick cast stainless steel bowl, uploading scraper, chute, and high-speed cutting knives which can chop the raw meat into more workable size and then blend the minced meat with other accessories into meat stuffing simultaneously.
The bowl cutter is made entirely of quality stainless steel. It is often utilized in ways of different products production like meatball, hot dog, hamburger, bologna, and sausage. Bowl chopper makes it possible for sausage makers to process stuffing. Therefore, it is regarded as the most versatile meat cutter and mixer machine.

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Capacity125 L/198lb80L/132lb40L/66lb20L/33lb

Features of Bowl Chopper Machine

◆ It is an industrial meat cutter mixer
Featured by higher yields and better quality, the bowl cutter machine shows how versatile it truly is to the meat processing industry. It is suitable for industrial applications where commercial scale meat processing is required.
The brand new bowl chopper capacities range from 20-125L. KS-ZB125 is the largest model available with timing device, product loaders & automatic unloaders.

◆ Competitive pricing
The growing consumer demand to buy affordable machines with higher quality & efficiency makes Kingston bowl chopper an optimization. No matter what model you are looking for, there is always an affordable cutter here waiting for you. All Kingston Machines comply with EC regulations.

meat bowl chopper application

◆ Chopping & Emulsifying functions
Besides cutting the raw food into minced one, its variable speed and upgraded independent motors make the bowl chopper enabling to also emulsify the product as well. Emulsified products can be further processed in meat processing equipment like stuffer machine.
Equipped with stainless steel cutting blades and bowl, the speed of the cutter can be adjusted to provide the exact treatment required by each product.

◆ Easy to use, wide application
The most user-friendly design of Kingston bowl cutter is its press-button operation which makes the equipment easy to use for the operators. It is widely applied in sausage making factory, food processing plants and other catering industry. Besides for meat cutting, it can be used also for chopping & mixing of grains, fruit, vegetable, etc.

Working Video of Meat Bowl Chopper