Introduction of Kingston Industrial Fish Scaler Machine

It is specially manufactured and designed to easily remove scales of nearly all kinds of fish. For preparation of fish cooking, scaling is a must-have step, therefore fish scaling machine is one of the most essential and widely used fish equipment in large-scale/commercial fish processing plants.

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Top Picks of Electric Fish Scale Remover Machine

◆ Versatile fish processing equipment
The fish scaler is a multi-usage scale removing machine, no limit to the fish size or fish species. It enables to remove scales attached to the skin of sea bass, salmon, Caribbean snapper, trout and other similar species, cleanly and high scaling efficiently.
◆ Large scaling capacity
There are several different models of fish scale removers provided by Kingston Machinery. The largest scaling capacity can reach to 5000kg/h, absolutely a first-class powerful fish processing equipment worldwide.

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◆ Time-saving
Kingston fish scaler is the fastest equipment to scale up to dozens of fish at the same time. It greatly saves processing time, saves labor and therefore saves costs.
◆ Reliable and durable
The fish scale removing machine is made of stainless steel, sturdy enough for long-time scaling. They are reliable and very durable. It is one of the most favorable meat processing equipment favored by our customers.


Application of Commercial Fish Scaling Machine

It can be used in sales market, fish processing lines/factories, restaurant, fish marketplace, fish suppliers, fish shops, large catering industry and other places where industrial scalers are required to help them process large quantities of fish scales. It is also a first-choice for fisherman.

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Technical Specs of Kingston Commercial Fish Scaler

Model: 800
Material: stainless steel
Power rate:380v/1.5KW
Dimension: 1920*840*900MM
Weight: 300kg

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