It’s painfully difficult to cut large solid blocks of frozen meat and bones without using bandsaw machine. That’s why Kinston manufacture BB series bone saw machine.
For meat processors, a quality bone saw machine will help them cut the hard frozen meat in the quickest time possible.

Kingston Bone Saw Machine, its Brief Introduction

The bone saw machine is a rugged cutter that breaks up hard, frozen meat blocks in a short time. Its heavy duty design is suitable for industrial use.
As an innovative food processing equipment, bone saw machine sells very well in Malaysia, Pakistan, Kenya, Philippine, India, Dubai and many other countries.
The top buyers are
◆ catering kitchens and butcher shops, deli
◆ western-style stores,
◆ food/meat processing factories/establishments,
◆ small, medium to large restaurants, hotels, guesthouse,
◆ retailer for meat, bone, and poultry
And more.

bone cutter machine
ModelPassing size(H*W)DimensionTable sizePowerWeightVoltageElectric
BB250225*195 mm480*590*920 mm390*500 mm0.75 Kw4Kg220V/380Vsingle/3 phase
BB1650225*195 mm450*400*890 mm365*380 mm0.75 Kw37.Kg220Vsingle phase
BB2000310*230 mm710*730*980 mm650*610 mm1.5 Kw78 Kg380V3 phase
BB310310*230 mm710*730*1565 mm630*660 mm1.5 Kw110 Kg380V3 phase
BB240350*290 mm700*720*1700 mm700*720 mm2.2 Kw135 Kg380V3 phase
BB400335*335 mm710*730*980 mm820*910 mm1.5 Kw132Kg380V3 phase
BB500410*430 mm

2000*1100*910 mm

1100*910 mm3 Kw250Kg380V3 phase

Wide Usage and Important Role of Bone Saw Machine in Meat Processing

As a multifunctional machine, it is suitable for easily cutting both fresh and frozen meat, chilled meat, bones, fishes, etc.
There are 7 bone saw machine models for sale at Kingston now — models vary, saw size vary. Each of them has its own benefits and features:
Dimension: small, medium, to large size for different customers to choose from.
Weight: the mini bone saw model is 4 kg, best for home use, or small restaurants etc.
Table Size: the largest model is with a size of 1100*910 mm, perfect for commercial use.
Voltage: 220V single phase; or 380V 3 phase available.

meat bone cutting machine application

Outstanding Features

◆ Easy-to-use
The frozen meat and bone saw machine is easy for first-time buyers to operation. It is with high efficiency and adjustable thickness. The saw machine is with space adjusting board, more user friendly.

◆ Wide application
The good-looking bone saw machines are widely used in meat processing industry, for cutting bones and frozen food into small pieces. It is the best alternative for food retailers and collective dining facilities.

◆ Fully made of stainless steel
It’s easy for the operators to clean the working table because of stainless steel construction. The compact design prevents the trembling of saw blade while operating.

Working Video of Bone Saw Machine