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What Kind of Meat Flaker does Kingston Machinery Provide?

Transforming Frozen Meat into Flaked Products
Kingston provides first-class industrial frozen blocks flaker machine.
It is a preferred meat processing equipment for customers in frozen food industry. Kingston frozen meat flaker help enterprises save much slicing time when they flake large volume frozen blocks of meat, poultry (chicken), fish, or other foods.
The flaker is regarded as a meat pretreatment machine which can slice frozen meat directly for further processing — meat grinder or bowl chopper.

Technical Features of Kingston Frozen Block Flakers

frozen meat slicer

The thickness of the meat2-10mm (adjustable)


◆ Stainless steel construction with hygienic design.
The whole flaker is made of high quality stainless steel, perfecting meeting the hygienic standard. To a great extent, it reduces vibration.

◆ Convenient operation.
The frozen meat flaker enables to cut the blocks into small pieces directly, no need of defrosting during the flaking process. Seeing from its outlook, we will also know that it’s a versatile frozen meat block flaker with easy operation. Besides that, the flaker is rationally designed to avoid the pollution of raw material during flaking process.

frozen meat flaker machine

◆ A robust machine with highest quality blade.
The superior alloy steel blade of Kingston frozen meat flaker machine ensures a long lasting service life (built to last), mean that on the one hand, it ensures a reliable slicing effect; on the other hand, it saves a large sum of procurement cost for enterprises in meat processing industry.

◆ For sausages, beefsteak flaking
The frozen block flaker is used extensively in high production meat processing facilities worldwide for large volume slicing of sausages, poultry, beefsteak and so on. The thickness of the flaked meat can be adjusted between 2mm and 10mm.

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Working Video of Frozen Meat Flaker