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A wide range of equipment are used in food processing industry. Meat chopper or meat grinder, as one of the most essential meat machine, must strictly meet food safety regulations to meet the rising demand for quality meat products.

Meat Grinder is the perfect professional machine to convert large chunks of raw meat into tender minced meat.

Brief Introduction on KingSton Commercial Meat Grinder

It is a technologically advanced enterprise meat grinding equipment, perfectly fulfilling consumer expectations with
its top quality — stainless steel construction and best grinding plates installation, the size of which can be tailored according to different customers’ mincing requirements and the sizes of meat granule,
multifunctional usage — for both deep-frozen and fresh raw meat grinding,
professional chopping features — constructed with two industrial screw conveyors: feeding & discharging screw conveyor, both powered by electric motor, function with different working speeds, thus ensuring best professional grinding effects.

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It is dedicated designed for ranches, butcher shop, sausage makers, kitchen chef, restaurants and other meat processing plants/factories/shops. The meat grinder is definitely an inexpensive investment, and can be used for any preparation of dishes that require ground beef, chicken or pork.

Capacity200-500 kg/h0.5-1 T/H1-1.5 T/H
Plate Diameter(mm)100120130
Hole size(mm)Q3-Q18Q4-Q18Q3-Q18

Buy Multifunctional Meat Grinder Online at Kingston

We are the most reliable manufacturer & supplier of the most powerful assortment of commercial grade meat processing machines. The precision made meat grinder are multifunctional used to mince deep frozen or fresh raw boneless meat, for sausages and other meat products like meat balls, meat loaf, hamburgers etc.
It can be used to mince pork, beef, fish, lamn, chicken, deer, cow meat, etc. The industrial meat grinder can be also used to chop fruit and vegetables.
In sausage processing plant, it is usually installed ahead of meat mixer and sausage stuffing machine.

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Top Picks, Top 2 Reasons Why You should Buy Kingston Meat Grinders

◆ Time Saving, Large Grinding Capacity
As an electrically belt driven meat chopper machine, it is with big feeding inlet, commercially used for large capacity meat grinding. To a great extent, it saves time and energy. The great efficiency makes the grinder able to finish a large amount meat mincing in a very short time.

◆ Ensuring Safe Operator Use
The automatic meat grinders are specially equipped with emergency stop button. Do what we can do, the protecting device promise the safety of the operator.
Besides that, Kingston will provide all our customers with maintenance and repair technical support, which contributes significantly to the safety of the operator.
The electric meat grinder has earned great popularity in countries like Canada, UK, Malaysia, India, Philippine, Qatar, Bangladesh etc.

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