What is Kingston Meat Mixer Used for?

It is the most commonly-used industrial mixing machine to blend raw meat particles and seasonings evenly. The meat mixers are primarily applied in obtaining well blended mix of ground meat. Excepting for meat granular blending, the mixer can also be used for mixing of powdery, pasty and pulp.

commercial meat mixer

BX-500.75kw960*790*830 mm160kg30kg/8mins
BX-1001.1kw1050*870*970 mm240kg70kg/8mins

Meat Mixer Made from High Quality Polished Stainless Steel

Kingston meat kneader machine is made from stainless steel, thus the mixer has the following advantages:
1.Corrosion Resistance
As we all know, meat processing environment is highly corrosive due to the extensive cleaning and sanitation. In the event of COVID-19 exposure, a more thorough sanitizing regime is required for meat processors.
The commercial meat mixing machine provides meat processors with long lasting protection from moisture and corrosive. With the use of Kingston Meat Mixer, the cleanliness and sanitization in the equipment becomes an easy thing.

2.Pitting Resistance
The stuffing mixer can hold up in various meat production and processing environments due to its strong resistance to localized pitting and crevice. Besides that, because of quality surface, it’s very easy for meat processors to clean and maintain for optimum hygiene.
The pitting resistance feature promises your entire meat blending process zero contamination.

Dumpling Stuffing Blender application

Applications of Kingston Industrial Mixer for Meat Products Processing

The applications for Kingston Meat Mixing Machine include mixing meat (including chicken legs, pork chops, breast of veal etc.), seasoning, sausage, food etc. The well-blended meat stuffing can be further processed into ingenious meatballs, dry sausages, meat granules and many other meat products.
It is a perfect and affordable investment for restaurants, meat processing plants, frozen food/snack food processing plants etc.
The mixing machine can not be used for meat grinding, as it has no mincing function. Therefore, meat mixer machine is always used in combination with meat grinder.

Top Picks of Kingston Commercial Meat Mixer Machine

◆ Available for small or large batches of meat mixing, low to high volume sausage & burger production
There are two types of meat stuffing mixer optional at Kingston: single shaft mixing machine, and double shaft one. Both of them are reliable and competitively priced mixer.
Double shaft paddle meat kneaders are powerful enough to provide homogeneous blends.

◆ Super Fast and Even Mixing
Kingston industrial meat blenders are equipped with removable stainless steel paddles. One the one hand, the fan-shaped stirring rod ensures the fast mixing speed during its operation. On the other hand, it’s very easy to clean and disassemble. It promises high efficiency and long service life.

Working Video of Meat Mixing Machine