Introduction of Meat Smoking Machine

It is a commercial smoker used for smoked meat making. It is a multi-functional meat processing equipment, integrating several functions together: stewing, drying, roasting, smoking, air venting and cleaning etc.
The multi-usage feature makes the meat smoking machine an adorable smoker for processing various kinds of food products, such as bean products, aquatic products (fish), meats etc.

commercial meat smoker

Meat smoking oven is mainly used to add delicious smoky flavor to meats. For all meat processors, purchasing the right commercial smoker is imperative, because it will directly impact the flavor & texture of the food smoked.

High Pressure0.3-0.6 Mpa0.3-0.6 Mpa0.3-0.6 Mpa0.3-0.6 Mpa0.3-0.6 Mpa
Low Pressure0.1-0.2 Mpa0.1-0.2 Mpa0.1-0.2 Mpa0.1-0.2 Mpa0.1-0.2 Mpa
Temp (℃)<100℃<100℃<100℃<100℃<100℃
Hand Cart (mm)800*800*12801000*1000*13501000*1000*14601000*1030*18401000*1030*1840
Size (mm)1340*1300*18001350*1200*22001400*1400*25001600*1350*30002500*1500*3000

Features of Kingston Industrial Meat Smoking Oven

◆ It is available for sausage, ham, hotdog, chicken, fish (also called as fish smoking machine), duck, etc, kinds of meat food processing.
Kingston meat smoking oven is multifunction, also could steaming, drying, smoking, cleaning, etc, at one time process, smoked color good, taste delicious, easy handling.
◆ PLC controlling system, digital panel, automatic switching functions for all the crafts, automatic control temperature, automatic alert and displaying when finished, draught fan flowing equal, double deck stainless steel radiator, heating quickly, drying result good.
Meat Smoking Machine mainly consists of machine body, smoke system, pipes, steam system, pressure system, electric control system, etc
◆ It is with advanced design, being a super professional meat food smoking machinery. The meat smoking oven is first-choice for meat processors, a high efficiency meat processing equipment.

smoked meat products made by meat smokehouse

Kingston Commercial Smoker Models

The meat smoking machines are manufactured into 6 models, each of which is with different production capacity. The smallest model is YX-30, with 30kg/h smoking capacity. YX-1000 is the largest commercial meat smoker with 1000kg/h capacity.

Small Meat Smoker Machine
YX-30 Small Meat Smoker Machine
Small good functioning smokers can become an great servant in your kitchen operations. They are with slow cooking, heating, smoking and holding capabilities.

Large Scale Commercial Smoker
YX-1000 Large Scale Commercial Smoker
The commercial smoker has impressive cooking capability. It can produce 1000kg smoked meat per load, which is great for larger demands. Kingston meat smokers are welded strong and built to last. It is the ideal equipment for your business needs.
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