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Introduction of Sausage Tying Machine/Automatic sausage tube and tie

Sausage twisting machine, is also called as “sausage knotting machine” or “sausage clipper machine”. It is one of the must-have equipment in sausage making process.
With easy operation, one worker is required to control the complete sausage tying, linking and hanging process with the use of Kingston knotting machine.
It is a specially-designed efficient machine with leading technology, improving the consistent sausage filling in both weight and length.
In sausage making plants/factories, it is usually coordinating seamlessly used together with sausage filling machine, also have sausage smoker, meat grinder, bowl cutter

Meat mixer, meat tumbler, etc, they work together for complete Sausage manufacture unit

Sausage Tier Machine

Top Picks of Kingston Sausage Tier Machine

◆ Automatically filling and knotting sausages
The final filled sausage are tied automatically with Kingston tier machine. The automatic sausage knotting machine is driven by top-quality air compressor which promises stable operation, low noise and reliable sausage tying.

◆ Suitable for all kinds of sausage casings
No matter what kind of sausage skin you are used to enclose the filling of your sausage, Kingston tying machine can always perfectly tie off your sausage casings. Pig casing, sheep casing, collagen casing, plastic casing…just choose Kingston Sausage Knotting Machine.

◆ Stainless Steel SUS304
The machine is completely made of 304 grade stainless steel, resistant to oxidization and corrosion. The material is good for food sanitation. What’s more, the clean, smooth surface of the sausage linking machine are easiest to clean, free from cracks and crevices.

◆ Single-way tying, Double-way tying
At Kingston Machinery, there are 2 kinds of sausage tying machine: single-way sausage clipper machine, double-way clipper machine. Sausage processors can choose whichever type they like according to their production capacity.
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Sausage Tying Machine

◆ LCD touch screen
Kingston sausage clipper machine is equipped with LCD touch screen with man-machine dialogue. After the operator setting the length and speed, it is able to complete the whole tying process automatically and efficiently.

Double-way Sausage Linking Machine, sausage twisting and hanging unit, sausage clipping


Singe-Way Sausage Tying Machine, sausage knotting machine, double sausage clipper