Introduction of Commercial Nut Slicing Machine

It is also called as “almond slicer” or “peanut slicer”, because the nut slicing machine can be widely applied to slice almond, peanut, and other types of nuts (cashew, walnut etc.)
Why nut slicing?
Almond kernels/peanuts are sliced into flakes for further toasting, to increase the nutty flavor of your meal. Taking sliced almond for example, they can be used to add on ice cream, yogurt cup, muffins, pasta salad, pancakes etc.

nut slicing machine

Therefore, a high-efficiency nut slicing machine is a top-choice for food processing industries, and a must-have equipment for nut processing.

Components of Kingston Almond Slicer Machine

It consists of hopper, rotary cutters (efficient slicing device), discharge outlet and start & stop button. User-friendly design, simple operation.

Working process:
1. Put almond kernels into the hopper, then the position of the raw materials will be automatically fixed by feedstock positioner (a pneumatic device).
2. Kernels are sliced into thin flakes by the slicing device which consists of several rotary cutters. The gap between cutters are adjustable as per customer’s production requirements on the thickness of sliced nuts.
3. The sliced almonds will be discharged through the outlet automatically.
The complete nut slicing process is automatic, efficient, sanitary, clean and noise-free.

Recommended Nut Equipment:
Nut Powder Grinding Mill

almond flour mill and almond slicer

Commercial Nut Slicer Machine Features

◆ It is available for slicing almonds, peanuts (high-speed peanut slicer machine), apricot nuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, etc
◆ It is adjustable for thickness slicing, between 2mm and 4mm. The nut slicing machine is equipped with top-quality blades, ensuring an efficient nut slicing process.
◆ It is made of stainless steel, hygiene and healthy for food standard
◆ Professional and advanced skill, efficient, saving time and labor, good result slice.
◆ The peanut slicer machine is equipped with four universal wheels, easy moving to other place, and small footprint.

sliced almond by almond slicer

Technical Parameters of Kingston Almond | Peanut Slicing Machine

Model: QP-01
Capacity: 50-300kg/hour
Thickness: 0.3-2mm/adjustable
Power: 380v/1.5kw
Rotate: 100-700rpm
Pressure: 0.3-0.4mpa
Dimensions: 900*600*1500mm
Weight: 200kg