For high volume cashew production, a commercial cashew nut cracking and shelling machine is one of the most essential devices in the whole processing plant.
Kingston cashew shelling machine/cashew nuts shell cutting machine is a mechanically operated machine for the cracking of graded raw cashew nut. It is powered by battery power driven motor, fully automatically with easy operation. With great user-friendly design, it can crack and de-shell various sizes of cashew nuts, well known in the nut processing industry.

Cashew Shelling Machine Comprising

It is comprised of feeding hopper (adjustable feeding mechanism, align cashew nut or any other nuts), pusher device, nut cracking unit (impeller chain and a set of adjustable cutter blades etc.), and power supply (electric control cabinet).
Cashew nuts are pushed in correction position for de-shelling stage. The cutter blades work precisely to crack the cashew without causing any damage to the cashew kernel. Lastly, several sets of adjustable contoured plates separate the outer cashew husk/shell neatly.
If you are looking for an automatic cashew shelling machine to crack the shell while leaving the nut undamaged, Kingston machine would be your best pick-up. Except for cashew cracking, it is also capable of shelling other forms of nuts like walnut, hazelnut etc.

Why to Choose Kingston Automatic Cashew Nut Cracker Machine/cashew shell opener machine

  1. When Kingston Engineers design the cracking machine, the cracking force was fully taken into consideration to limit mechanical damage and improve cashew kernel recovery during cracking and separation process.
    It turns out that Kingston cracker is a suitable cashew shelling machine for commercial production. It greatly improves the whole-kernel rate of the cashew nut, definitely a solid choice for both industrial processors and individual ones.
    2. Kingston industrial cashew nut sheller helps producers increase productivity and save cost. It is designed as per the latest technological advancements.
    3. It can be used in combination with cashew grading machine, cashew steam cooker, shaking screen for shell separating, and cashew kernel peeling machine/cashew sheller, kernel grader. for complete raw cashew processing line/machines which Peel and Remove the Stone From cashew nuts
    4. Kingston cashew sheller/cashew cracker is with affordable price and high economic return.

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