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Specifications of garlic paste machine:

Model: CN-300
Material: Stainless Steel
Power: 380v/220v/2.2kw
Capacity: 300kg/hour
Size: 780*410*1035mm
Weight: 60kg

The CN-300 ginger garlic paste making machine is dedicated designed for fine paste making of raw garlic/ginger, with capacity 300kg/hr. It is suitable for both industrial scale use and home use. The finished paste will never lose its natural properties (flavor, nutrient value etc.).
It is a must-have device for deep-processing of vegetable and fruits.

It is a Safe Vegetable Paste Making Machine

With more than 10 years experience in manufacturing of garlic paste machine, it is Kingston Machinery’s responsibility to supply operation-safe devices for garlic paste processing.
Moreover, the use of high grade stainless steel material ensures sanitation and safety in paste making process. The hygienic design of Kingston garlic paste making plays an essential role in the quality of finished paste made.
You deserve safer and better garlic processing machines. Kingston Machinery is the manufacturer working to make that happen.


It is an Automatic Ginger Paste Machine

Garlic & ginger are as easy as making fine paste with the automatic and effective paste making device. It works automatically to grind raw garlic and ginger into fine paste shape or mud like.


It is a Versatile Device

The world-class paste making machine can be used not only for ginger and garlic, but also for other vegetable and fruits, such as onion, carrot, chili, lotus root, spinach, apple, strawberry etc. It has a broad application in hotels, restaurants and varied eateries for production of chili sauce, fruit sauce and vegetable noodles etc.


How does Kingston Garlic Paste Grinder Work?

It is mainly consists of several cutting blades. The blades rotate at high speed to grind ginger/garlic raw materials into tiny pieces till paste shape.
The cutting size can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements. Do contact Kingston Machinery for more about your specific demands.
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About Kingston Machinery

Kingston Machinery has the ability to offer you a tailor-made garlic processing machine including garlic paste machine, garlic grader, garlic bulb separating machine etc. Please fill the inquiry form below to let us know what equipment you are looking for