Why to Choose Commercial Coconut Dehusking Machine

In the past, coconuts can only be dehusked manually using a hand cutting tool, which requires skilled labor as the process is difficult and painstaking.

The coconut de-husking is post harvesting operation which is necessary step towards making the coconut ready for the further utilization. In order to solve the existing husking problems, it is worth to say, Kingston Machinery have designed and fabricated a variety of coconut shelling machine that can remove husk from raw coconuts effectively.

Here the labor efforts and the time consumption for the de husking are reduced. As it is both economically viable and efficient, this coconut dehusker is useful for coconut estates, coconut growers and coconut processing industries and so on.

coconut dehusking machine


This power operated coconut de-husking machine consists of main parts like blades wheel, frame, electric motor, power transmission and speed and de husking unit.

Working on the principle of gear mechanism, our coconut dehusking machine is able to peel off the coconut husk to acquire the hulled coconut through mechanically controlled de-husking device.

In the cutting process, the cutter could automatically adjust the cutting depth and thus avoid the spilling out of the coconut milk resulted from the damage of the coconut flesh. In the process, the sharp right roll consisting of slightly curved hook-like knives engage with the husk and left spring loaded rollers press the coconut towards the right spiked rollers. With the rollers rotating, the husk gets detached from the shell, then making a complete dehusking of coconut.
In addition, our coconut de-husking machine has the capacity to dehusk the commonly available coconut of different thickness and hardness, effectively. The dehusker machine can normally dehusk about 120 to 360 coconuts per hour depending on the operator, and time required to hull is also related with the age of coconut. In a word, the overall performance of coconut sheller is satisfactory by husking coconut effectively and economically.


Features of Kingston Coconut husking Machine

▼ Able to removing the husk of any size coconut​​​.
▼ High Productivity.
▼ Less Man power and economical. It is simple, efficient and cost effective, requiring less labor working time.
▼ Advanced design and simple structure.
▼ Free from maintenance.
▼ Easy to operate. Importance is given towards user friendly in operation and mainly safety.


Specifications of QKJ-2 Coconut Peeling Machine

  • Capacity: 120-360pcs/hour
  • Power: 5KW;
  • Dimensions: 1000×800×1000mm;
  • Available for coconut husking

Video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTeEt142WbY