Corn threshing machine is used to separate various corn kernels from corncobs, including fresh corn, sweet corn and waxy corn. It is suitable for food processing plants with rapid freezing and canning corn manufacturers. also named corn cutter, sweet corn cutter, fresh corn threshing, corn kernels cutting machine, sweet corn cutting machine/fresh corn on the cob machine

Features of Sweet Corn Thresher

◆ Advanced design
— the whole corn thresher machine is made of all stainless steel, convenient to move with casters. With inverter control speed, it is simple to operate to get the delicious corn kernels. Moreover, equipped with a blower, Kingston sweet corn threshing machine is easy to make the corn kernels clean and tidy.

◆ Convenient feeding
– chain feeding device at the feeding port can promote the working efficiency to a large extent. Besides, this device can be loaded or unloaded as required.

◆ Strong adaptability
– this corn thresher is not only appropriate for factories to cooperate with assembly line mass production, but also for single corn threshing processing. By using our corn threshing machine, the corn kernels can be separated from corn stalks without scrap and no corn water loss.

◆ High threshing rate
– it can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the corn cob, perfect for all sizes of corn threshing, threshing depth adjustable. The threshing efficiency is high, and the threshing rate is 99%.

◆ Long service life of the cutter
— in virtue of special stainless steel materials and special process, there is no need to sharpen the knife for a long time, which makes the machine well-resistant and durable.


Working Principle of fresh corn threshing machine

Controlled by centrifugal force, our corn thresher machine adopts high-speed rotating five-piece knife, close to the corn cob so as to make sure smooth cutting and appropriate depth during the threshing process.

sweet corn threshing machine

Application of Kingston Fresh Corn Thresher

In brief, this corn thresher machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, high threshing rate, low crushing rate, thorough separation of corn kernels and corncobs, easy operation, safety and reliability.

It is a high-efficiency threshing machine that can be widely used in processing and threshing at various corn harvesting points and corncob purchasing points. This corn threshing machine can thresh all types of sweet corn, waxy corn smoothly and ensure that the corn kernels are dry without any corn juice overflow. It is the top machine of the sweet corn threshing industry.

sweet corn thresher

Technical parameters of sweet corn threshing machine:

Dimensions: 700*600*1250MM

Capacity: 400-500kg/hour

Threshing rate: 99%

Power: 220v/1 phase

Motor: 1HP+1/4HP+1/2HP

Weight: 100kg


Video link of sweet corn decober.: