Kingston, Top Fruit grading Machine Manufacturer

From apple to mango, lemon, avocado, blueberry, orange, cherry, grape, peaches, pears and other fruits, Kingston Machinery provides effective sorting solutions for both fresh and frozen fruits.

Top Picks of Kingston fruit grader:

◆ Boost throughout and availability
The fruit sorting equipment is dedicated designed by our passionate research and development team works. It is with increased accuracy and reliability when sorting fruit varieties, a must-have machine for commercial fruit processing lines.

◆ Increase food safety for your operation
Kingston Machinery are constantly upgrading the technological features of our fruit grader to meet the growing demand on food safety. It could improve the automation of fruit sorting, ensure the safety of graded fruits.

◆ Improved weighing accurateness
The fruit sorter is with high accuracy (the grading accuracy rate could be up to 98%) and improved reliability. If you are looking for a quality solution to improve the consistency of fruit sorting, then choose Kingston commercial fruit grader which can ensure consistent accuracy, and significantly decrease your sorting costs.


Working Principle of FJ4600 Fruit Calibration Machine

With the use of FJ4600 grader, fruits are generally graded on basis of size into 5 different sizes.
As fruit grading requires high reliability, the sorting equipment is equipped with PLC controller which can automate fruit grading process.


Application of Kingston Fruit sizing machine

The grader can be used for various fruits and vegetables sorting;
pomegranates, pears, avocados, peaches, citrus, figs, apples, lemons, and other fruits;
Onions, potatoes, tomato, and other vegetable.
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Technical Data of Kingston Fruit and Vegetable Grading machine

Model: FJ4600
Power: 0.75kw
Voltage: 380v
Grading level: 5 sizes
Capacity: 3000kg/hr
Dimensions: 4000*1100*1500mm
Material: Stainless Steel

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