vegetable washing machine

Kingston bubble washing machine is specially designed to wash fruit and vegetable. It can clean not only the dirty on the surface, but also the dust and insect in the vegetable. Water bubble washing machine adopts UV/O3 water treatment system to disinfect the clean water, kill harmful bacteria and decompose the pesticide residue.

Fruit and Vegetable Bubble Washer Machine

During its working process, the air bubble cleaning system can turn over vegetables and fruits. Some medicament can be added when cleaning, as to sterilizing and color keeping. The floating dirt can flow out from the over flow launder. The sediment can take away from drain outlet so as to achieve totally cleaning purpose.






Working Principle of Kingston Air Bubble Washing Machine

Vegetables and fruits are completely stretching, turning, rolling, and cleaning in the water channel. Dust can sink in to the separated house at the bottom of the bubble washer.
The floating dust and insects can be collected by the removing net and flow out from the water over flowing , then collected into nylon bag of the low water box.

the washed vegetable and fruits can be further processed by other machines like vegetable dicing machine and fruit shredder machine

fruit washing machine
Vegetable and fruit can be washed again by spraying water after water channel washing, then transfer to next order. Blowing system equipped at the end of the conveying belt, can recollect the vegetable and fruit in case sink in to the washing channel.
Kingston vegetable & fruit washing machine is equipped with water recycling system. Water in the wash channel and low water store box can be filtered in the high storing box, and then flow back to the water channel by the centrifugal pump. Therefore, Kingston vegetable washer is water saving.
What’s more, all the vegetable bubble washer equipment and parts can be easily installed , disassembled and cleaned. The washing procedure includes cleaning, dirt removing, sterilizing and cooling. It is a high efficiency fruit washing machine which can run continuously to promise a high production.
Such air bubble washing machine can clean high quality and keep the original color of vegetable and fruit. see more information on Kingston vegetable & fruit machines here.

The application of fruit and vegetable bubble washing machine

What We Promise

With more than 20 years’ rich experience in food processing machines manufacturing and exporting, Kingston Machinery is committed to provide safety proven vegetable & fruit air bubble washer! We are sure of the quality and effectiveness of our equipment, and will only sell you the best. No matter what commercial food cleaning machine you are looking for, please feel free to let us know. Kingston Machinery will provide the best processing solutions to customers all over the world.

Fruit and Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine Introduction