Crushed Juice Extractor Introduction

The crushed juice extractor is designed for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables such as apple, pear, cucumber, carrot, radish, celery, a large scale. Equipped with product crushing device, the crushed juice extractor can easily make fresh, nutritious fruit and vegetable juice.crushed juice extractor


Wide Application of Crushed Juice Extractor

It is mainly suitable for processing various berries, pome fruits and vegetables, etc. Composed with the spiral juicing machine, it is widely used for juicing apple, pear, carrot, aloe, and cactus, etc.

application of screw crushed juice making machine

Crushed Juice Extractor Features

1. Extremely powerful motors: 0.75KW breaker, 1.5KW spiral extractor.
2. Equipped with vegetable or fruit breaking device for quick extraction.
3. Large output with 0.1-0.5T/h.
4. Much more efficient and more than30% juice extracting rate than traditional models.

detailes show of Spiral crushed juicer machine

How to Maintain Crushed Juice Extractor

After each shift of working, we have to use clean water and brush to clean the filter screen and clear fruit marc by hand. If the fruit is those rich in fiber, wash the filter screen twice depending on the processing situation. When a complete juicing process is finished, you’d better clean the whole machine by hot water.
Remember: Proper maintenance can extend its working life.