Garlic Slicing Machine

Model: SQP-300 Vegetable Slicer
Material: Stainless Steel
Power: 380v/220v/0.75kw
Capacity: 300kg/hour
Size: 720*540*885mm
Weight: 80kg
Usage: used for small to medium-scale slicing of fruits (apple, banana etc.) and vegetable (lotus root, potato, ginger, garlic, onion, mushroom, sweet potato, taro, cucumber etc.)
Application: suitable for individual use, catering industry, pickled ginger factory, vegetable/meat and other food processing plants, condiment factory, hotel, food factory or distribution centers, canteens etc.


Brief Introduction on Kingston Garlic Slicing Machine

It is an easy-to-operate slicer machine for onion | ginger | garlic processing. The equipment has extremely high accuracy, with an error of less than 0.1mm. It enables to cut small rhizomes into uniform and smooth slices in large production. The size of sliced products can be adjustable according to processors’ specific requirements.

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Kingston Ginger Slicing Machine Structure

It consists of high quality pneumatic component push button, stainless steel raw material inlet, 3 pieces of stainless steel cutting blades, and stainless steel mesh belt conveyor. It is with the same construction struction with mushroom slicer machine.


Features of Garlic Ginger Onion Slicing Machine

1. It can slice ginger and garlic under 2mm, accurate slicing effects for commercial use. What’s more, the thickness & size of sliced garlic can be customized at will.
2. It is made of full 304 stainless steel, easy to clean and in line with the increasing requirements of food hygiene.
3. A multi-functional cutting machine for various fruits and vegetable, such as carrots, potato, taro, eggplant, bamboo shoot, sweet potato, radish etc. It is with powerful functions and high output.
4. The cutter head can be easily dismantled for further cleaning, repairing and exchanging.
5. It always work together with other vegetable processing equipment for example ginger strip cutter, garlic peeling machine etc.