Brief Introduction on Commercial Mushroom Slicer Machine

As a popular mushroom processing equipment, the slicer machine is specially designed to meet the increasing worldwide demands on high efficiency and multi-functional mushroom cutting machine.

mushroom slicing machine

Most widely used for: slicing of cremini mushroom and white button mushroom etc.

Function: it is used to uniformly cut edible mushroom into slices for further processing like drying and packaging for sale.

Raw material: it is made of food-grade stainless steel, corrosion resistance, hygienic welding, meeting the increasing demands on food safety.

Combination: the mushroom slicing machine can be used in combination with vegetable drying machine and packaging machine.

Application: the mushroom slicer machine can be used for not only industrial scale mushroom slicing (agaricus bisporus etc.), but also fresh kelp, other soft vegetable or fungus vegetable cutting.

sliced mushroom

How are Edible Mushroom sliced with Kingston Mushroom Cutter?

The edible mushroom are firstly washed by Kingston vegetable washing machine. then the cleaned mushroom are transported into the feed hopper of the slicing equipment for uniform cutting (uniform thickness and regular shape).
The mushroom slices size can be adjustable by changing the cutting knives as per requirements.

The application of mushroom slicing machine

Why Choose Button Mushroom Slicer Machine?

◆ Saving time and labor
The automatic mushroom slicer machine is an electric machine which can be used for large scale sliced mushroom production. One operator is enough to handle the whole slicing process. It saves mushroom processors’ time and labor cost.

◆ multiple benefits of sliced mushroom
Mushroom is with high nutritional value and health benefits. People can use mushroom whole, sliced or diced. As the most cultivated type of mushroom, white button mushroom is most commonly sliced into thick slices for further cooking.

◆ Quality assured
Kingston Machinery is a top food machines manufacturer with more than 20 years’ experience. All our vegetable machines are dedicated designed/produced with top quality. You can rest assured its working efficiency, service life and after-sale services.

Parameters of Mushroom Slicing Machine

Model: SQP-300

Material: stainless steel

Power: 380v/220v/1.1kw

Capacity: 300kg

Size: 970*700*1050mm

Weight: 130kg